Price List for Dried Fruit Export to Saudi Arabia

Dried Fruit Export to Saudi Arabia, The Saudi dried fruit market stands out as a luxury destination for dry fruit exports. As a producer of export-grade dry fruits, Armani Food considers Saudi Arabia a prime target, alongside Russia and Malaysia.

Wholesale Dried Fruit for Saudi Arabia

Selling our wholesale dried fruit is a special privilege for Saudi traders. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, they gain access to a variety of dry fruits, including whole, sliced, granulated, and dried fruits, all available at Armani Food.

Price list of dry fruit export to Saudi Arabia

The price list for dry fruit exports to Saudi Arabia is not fixed. The final price depends significantly on the order volume and the quality requirements of the buyer. For precise pricing details, please contact our experts through the provided communication channels. However, for two specific products, we can offer approximate wholesale prices.


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Saudi Arabia Pitted Prune

Our California pitted prune, branded under Armani Food, rivals famous international brands. Remarkably, our pitted prune quality surpasses these brands while being sold at a fraction of their price. Saudi Arabia, as a luxury market, presents an excellent opportunity for traders aiming to sell this product.


ARMANIFOOD Pitted Prune Wholesale Price List for Export to Saudi Arabia

# Items USD/kg
1 Pitted Prune 3.55
pitted prune (Armani prune or California prune)
Pitted Prune (Armani prune)

Wholesale Qaisi (Dried Apricots) for Saudi Arabia

Our Qaisi dried apricots, available in various sizes, cater to Saudi preferences. They are not only more affordable than Turkish counterparts but also align better with the taste preferences of Saudi consumers.

ARMANIFOOD Dried Apricots Wholesale Price List for Export to Saudi Arabia

# Items USD/kg
1 dried apricots 3.84


Dried Apricots (Qaisi)






Exploring New Markets for saudi arabia : Granules and Fruit Powder

Armani Food has yet to export granules and fruit powder to Saudi Arabia, but our market research team sees potential. These products, especially when incorporated into breakfast and healthy foods, could find a receptive audience in the Saudi market.

Iranian Dried Fruit for Saudi Arabia

While Saudi Arabia is a major producer and exporter of dried fruits (especially dates), it also imports fruits like oranges, persimmons, apricots, and plums. We recommend evaluating Iranian dry fruits under the Armani Food brand alongside imports from Turkey. Our commitment to quality ensures higher profit margins for traders.

Persian Dried Fruit Producer for Saudi Arabia

Armani Food, as Iran’s largest dry fruit producer, exports most of its products globally. We are actively considering adding Saudi Arabia to the list of destinations for our high-quality dried fruits.

White and Private Label Options

For sellers and merchants intending to sell our products under their own brand, Armani Food offers the flexibility of white and private labels.

Sample Requests and Quality Assurance

We can send samples to Saudi Arabia, guaranteeing the same quality as our regular products. As a self-manufacturer, we can tailor the features to meet your specific requirements.

Convenient Delivery

Our door-to-door delivery service in Riyadh ensures a seamless experience for exporting dried fruits to Saudi Arabia.

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