Granulated Dried Lemon

Looking for top-notch dried granulated lemon for your wholesale needs? Look no further than ArmaniFood! We’re all about delivering premium quality. Plus, we’ve got you covered with options galore – from moisture content to mesh variety and even personalized labels. Trust ArmaniFood to be your reliable partner for all things bulk lemon.


Embark on a culinary journey with our premium dried granulated lemon, available in bulk at unbeatable wholesale prices. Our product is not just an ingredient; it’s a revolution in the kitchen, offering unparalleled quality, customizable moisture levels, and a variety of mesh sizes for global export.

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Savor the Essence of Cooking with Dried Granulated Lemon Unlock the secret to mouthwatering dishes with our dried granulated Lemon. This gem is a must-have for every chef’s pantry, transforming ordinary meals into extraordinary feasts with its rich flavor and effortless storage.
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Bulk Dehydrated Granulated lemon

Elevate your selling with our bulk dehydrated granulated lemon. It’s the essence of convenience and longevity, infusing your recipes with a burst of flavor that stands as a testament to its freshness.

Manufacturing steps of dried lemon granulated

Selection and Washing

The process begins with selecting the best quality lemons. The chosen lemons are then thoroughly washed to remove any impurities.


The lemon peels are then dried using industrial dryers. The drying process is carefully controlled to achieve the desired moisture content without compromising the quality of the lemon zest.


Once dried, the lemon with peels are ground into granules. The size of the granules can be adjusted according to the mesh size required for the end product.

Quality Control

Throughout the process, quality control checks are performed to ensure that the product meets the required standards.


The final step is packaging the dried granulated lemon in airtight containers to preserve its freshness and flavor.


Features of our granulated dry lemon

Maximize Flavor with Minimal Effort Our dehydrated granulated lemon delivers a potent taste that means you can use less and still achieve the flavor profile you desire. It’s a versatile powerhouse, perfect for an array of culinary delights, from savory meats to hearty stews.

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Nutrition Meets Convenience Packed with the goodness of fresh lemons, our dried granulated lemon maintains essential nutrients, offering a healthy boost to your meals without the extra calories or fat.

Wholesale dry granulated lemon

Wholesale Excellence with ArmaniFood Choose ArmaniFood for your wholesale dried granulated lemon needs. We promise exceptional quality at a price that makes sense. Our additional perks, like any moisture content, diverse mesh options, and customizable labeling, make us the go-to source for your bulk lemon requirements.

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moisture levels dehydrate granulated lemon

Tailored to Your Taste Our dried lemon granules come with adjustable moisture levels to cater to various culinary applications and regional palates. ArmaniFood takes pride in producing bespoke dried vegetables, ensuring our clients receive products crafted exclusively for them.

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private label and white label

Brand Your Way We offer the flexibility of exporting our granulated dry lemon under white or private labels, empowering resellers to market our premium product under their own brand.

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custom meshing

Customized to Perfection Our production capabilities include a wide range of mesh sizes, from coarse slices to fine powder, meeting the specific needs of our diverse clientele.

Dehydrated lemon Flakes

A Versatile Ingredient Our dehydrated lemon flakes are the result of a careful drying process that locks in the lemon’ natural zest, offering a versatile component for countless recipes.

Dried Minced lemon

Experience the dedication that goes into producing our dried minced lemon, starting from select high-quality lemons to the final crisp, minced product ready to enhance any dish.


Persian Dried Granulated lemon

The Art of Persian Dried Granulated lemon Discover the artistry behind our Persian dried granulated lemon. From selecting premium lemons to our precise drying technique, we ensure each granule retains its authentic flavor and aroma, making it more than just a seasoning—it’s a celebration of taste.

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export dried granulated lemon

Armani Food is a producer and exporter of dried vegetables all over the world. The markets we have exported to include: Russia, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iraq. Armenia, Belarus and… Of course, we are still eager for new markets. Email us what country you are from.

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