Dried mango

If you like to consume dry fruits, you should know that mango is one of the best choices for this purpose. It is one of tropical fruits, which because of high protein, supply for you a lot of calories. Usually, dried fruits enter the body’s metabolic cycle better, due to their small volume. On the other hand, they are very easy to use and do not require special maintenance.

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Bulk Dried mango | A guide for buying packed or bulk dried mango and a full description of it’s benefits for health and wholesale to Russia.

Different types of wholesale dried mangoes in the world market

Mango is one of the most complex and strange fruits available in the world markets. In the African islands, a round model of it can be seen, which has differences with the structure and what we expect. Of course, in terms of benefits, there is not much difference with this type of fruit. But currently, India is one of the largest and most important exporters with a production rate of more than 10,000 tons per year. Today, one-half of all the mangoes grown in India are exported to countries around the world, and in fact, Europe accounts for a huge share of its imports. Dried mangoes are very popular in the world due to their unique taste compared to fresh ones.


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Nutritional value table of bulk dried mangoes

Based on the food table and experiments done on mango, this fruit has a lot of calories. The table you see is based on 100 grams of mango. There is a great amount of carbohydrates in this amount, which will be a stepping stone for athletes to achieve the desired conditions before training. If you suffer from severe physical problems or stress, mental tension or defects in the digestive system. You can use mango frequently as a main meal or snack.

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Mangoes also contain iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, and various vitamins, the amount of which will vary depending on whether it is dried or fresh. But in general, if you don’t want to use mango in fresh form, we suggest you to definitely try dried mangoes once. This unique fruit can control insulin levels in the body. If you are facing low blood sugar, then definitely put dried mango in your diet plan.

calories 319
Protein 2.5 grams
carbohydrate 78.6 grams
sugar 66.3 mg
fiber 2.4 grams
fat 1.2 grams


Magical properties of dried mango

If you are one of the people who have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, colitis, Crohn’s and malabsorption, or you are planning to increase your weight, we suggest that you do not forget mango because of its high fiber content. This absorption rate in its dry form is extraordinary. It is also very useful for treating many intestinal and stomach diseases.

Mango is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. In fact, it is considered a great source of vitamin B6. On the other hand, if you are dealing with severe digestive problems, mango can help you. Dried mango can be considered as an excellent snack for students and athletes.


Exporting countries for dried mango

In general, mango is a tropical fruit that grows well in tropical regions. Of course, one of the names that you have probably heard in the field of mango supply is Pakistan. But contrary to popular belief, it should be noted that India, followed by Thailand and Mexico have the highest mango production rate. After them, Pakistan is ranked next, followed by Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria and then Iran. Of course, the domestic mango production rate is higher than many neighboring countries. However, foreign and imported mangoes are usually found in the country’s market.

Nowadays, this fruit is also cultivated inside Iran in greenhouses in vast areas.

Dried mango: where to use?

Of course, dried mango is not used directly in food. But because it is sugar full, it can be a sweetener for your smoothies and juices. If you want to give a unique taste and aroma to cakes, sweets or all kinds of homemade bread, you can use this unique combination for decorations and other parts.

Also, the vitamin in mango is very good for making anti-allergenic compounds. If you want to treat skin diseases, you can include mango in most of your meals and even use it as a workout snack for heavy exercise. In general, the amount of calories you get from this method is many times more than its juicy and fresh state. Of course, in the section on uses, we will talk more about the extraordinary and unique benefits of mango.


Some other ways to use dried mango

Of course, the main area of ​​using mango is as food. Currently, it is possible to prepare all kinds of salads, juices, syrups, pickles and ice creams with mango. In some regions of Iran and the world, dried mangoes are also used to make sweets, tarts, cakes and purees. Similarly, in Mauritius, mango is used as a delicious sauce to add flavor to food.

Mango contains large amounts of vitamin C and fiber, which control and improve the working process of the digestive system and stomach, and of course control stomach acid. Also, mango can be used as a sports supplement to get a high level of carbohydrates and calories. Using 200 grams per day can cause the body’s calorie level to reach more than 600 per day.