Dried Watermelon

Maybe it’s your question too: what is the reason for drying watermelon? Does it have an advantage over the fresh sample of this fruit? Or is it just an unusual way to keep all kinds of fruits and vegetables for a long time? Watermelon is one of the most popular summer fruits, which contains abundant amounts of vitamins and minerals and is always taken as an extremely popular snack in Iran. However, the taste of its dried sample also has its own charms. There are some of minerals in watermelon and its red color a sign of the antioxidant role of this amazing fruit.


Nutritional value table of dried watermelon

Dried watermelon is one of the best and most beneficial dried fruits in the nutritional value table for those who need a lot of carbohydrates and minerals. It can be said that the main substance that is found in large quantities in dried watermelon is Potassium, calcium and sugar. In the following, you can see the table of nutrition values of this wonderful fruit. The items you see in the table are considered per 100 grams.


calories 30
fat 0.15 grams
carbohydrate 7.55 grams
sugar 6.2 grams
sodium 1 mg
Calcium 7 mg
potassium 112 mg
iron 0.24 mg
Protein 0.61 mg


People who have already been affected by the disease of Covid-19 or who are involved in vascular and digestion or excretion problems, are suggested that never forget this amazing fruit in their daily meals. It is usually suggested not to use this fruit in fresh form after September. As a result, watermelon chips or the dried form can be a great choice for every body. It’s also incredibly faster and easier to access, And you can get its dried sample from the supply centers of these chips in a clean and disinfected form.


Benefits of dried watermelon

There are large amounts of fat, fiber, lycopene and carbohydrates in dried watermelon. Of course, fat is one of the most important compounds needed by the colon and small intestines to control the absorption and prevent the excretion of minerals and substances. In fact, these provisions are not limited to the mentioned items. There is a lot of vitamin C in watermelon, which is very useful for body weakness and severe deficiencies. Watermelon can increase body moisture, so blood concentration can be controlled, and this is one of the main and key advantages of this fruit. You can use its dried sample in order to solve all kinds of bile problems and blood fat disease.

Types of dried watermelon

Watermelons are planted in different ways all over the world and when dried, these differences are better felt.

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Nutritional facts about dried watermelon that you may not know

Watermelon improves health of the heart and helps the blood flow in the body, and due to the amount of citrulline, it can prevent the inflexibility of vessels, especially in women and during menstruation period. People who are involved in inflammatory diseases and suffer from the problem of lack of body water, should seriously consider using this wonderful fruit. The main property that has attracted attention in this fruit, especially the dry sample, is to help digest food faster and, in special cases, decreases the risk of cancer. This valuable fruit contains lycopene, which fights free radicals and makes the body more resistant to cancer cells and especially their growth. Watermelon is a wonderful fruit for pregnant women. Women who are involved in diseases after three months of pregnancy, should eat the fresh type or, if possible, dried watermelon chips in their diet. Finally, dried watermelon can prevent asthma, blood pressure and bone health due to its easier consumption. People who suffer from hair loss can consume more amounts of dried watermelon fruit daily.

Methods of producing dried watermelon

In general, there are two classifications for drying fruits and especially dried watermelon. These categories will include domestic and industrial methods, and each of these methods has separate categories.

Drying using sunlight

In this method, the fruit is exposed to direct sunlight until it acquires a relatively crispy texture, and then, if desired, a little moisture is removed using a dryer. These devices are available in small sizes and are usually suitable for home use.

Drying using an oven

The oven can also be one of the best methods for instant drying. Of course, if you are not skilled in doing this, you will probably burn the watermelon or any other type of fruit because it is going to dry very soon.

Drying using dryers

The most standard and industrial method that is currently used by large companies which are active in drying fruits is mechanized drying systems. These methods are extremely hygienic, standard and used in the world. Fruit chips can easily be produced and marketed even as a key commercial destination.

Export potentials

Currently, Iran is one of the exporters of watermelon and even dried samples of its fruit to nearby markets. The countries of Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE accept Iran’s exports every year. Even many companies directly produce and supply packaged samples of watermelon chips. This method is one of the most ideal options for transferring this fruit due to the possibility of higher storage. It should be noted that China, Turkey, Iran, Brazil and Egypt are the largest producers of this fruit in the world. An important economic maneuver is being carried out by Iran in this market, And we can boldly say that watermelon has taken a huge share of fruit exports in Iran.

Usage of dried watermelons in different foods

Of course, dried watermelon can also be used medicinally. You can easily use it to treat pimples and acne on the skin. Apply it to the pimple area twice a day. You can grind it and then apply the mixture with water on the affected area. People who suffer from constipation, bloating and intestinal problems or irritable bowel syndrome can take its powder with warm water. The next great combination is to use with cardamom, you can mix a cup of water and some cardamom and dried watermelon fruit and then mix it with rock salt depending on your taste. As a result, it will improve problems such as constipation and intestinal defects. People who are facing constant stomach rumbles must use this wonderful fruit in any way.

Consumption items

The uses of watermelon and its dried type are more than you think. It is used as a sand glue in the world, it has a pungent smell that repels vermin, and finally, its ground form is interesting and wonderful for making bread in some parts of the world.