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Armani Food is one of the largest producers and suppliers of wholesale nuts and dry fruits in the region, which exports internationally. We are here to meet the requirements and needs of our customers And to offer them the best kind of nuts and dried fruits.

To meet the highest quality in nuts and dried fruits, we made sure of all the standards and have achieved certification from IFS, HACCP, HALAL, ISO 9001-22000. Working directly with farmers lets us omit brokers. This leads to cheaper operational cost and more quality control, allowing us to supply wholesale nuts and dried fruit Offer at a lower price.

Wholesale Iranian Dried kiwi

Who We Are?

A wholesale Dried Fruits Manufacturer & Supplier

Armani Food is one of the biggest wholesalers and suppliers of dried fruits and nuts in the region. We are here to meet the requirements and needs of our customers. All of the products are carefully handpicked from the local farmers to ensure we provide the highest and best quality out there. Armani Food was found based on selling value and quality and not just the goods.

Our purpose is to have a friendly and long-lasting relationship with our customers. Currently, we have 12 types of dried fruits in bulk(6-10kg) & retail packaging(100gr-500gr). To meet the highest quality, we made sure all the standards and have achieved certification from IFS, HACCP, HALAL, ISO 9001-22000

Dried fruit and Nuts Business Gift packs

Corporates may offer special business gifts to their employees, VIP customers or business partners on holidays such as Christmas, National Day, Easter ,New Year’s Eve, etc. Armani Food Company (under the Habrandel brand) has designed cardboard boxes in different designs that cover different tastes. The boxes are completely hygienic.

Armani Dried fruits Productions

We've spent many times thinking about producing high-quality dried fruits and also providing it in a long and sustainable way. We felt all the concerns of our customers, hence by combining love, innovation and knowledge, we entered the global market to produce high-variety products and world standards permanently.

Competitive Advantage

Our country is paradise. It has four different climates at the same time. It's a great opportunity have a wide range of fruits. A way to have natural plum and tasty kiwi during the year is the DEHYDRATION system. Dried fruits are the only food group that has all the nutritional value beside pure flavor. None of our productions has preservatives and artificial color. Nuts & dried fruits are a good diet for kids, vegetarians, athletes and anybody who cares about their health.


Picking Fruits


The most important part of producing dried fruit is choosing the right fruit. It is very critical. Fresh fruits without any damaged and spoiled.


Washing & Sorting


First, sort the fruits according to their quality, then disinfect them in the washing line with special materials. This is done completely automatically.

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Peeling & Kernelling


The peeling step is done by hand or with a peeling machine. It then enters the kernelling device. For some fruits, such as apples, we do this by machine, but for mangoes, we do this manually.


Slicing & Drying


Cut the fruits into equal pieces, then place the slices on special nets in the dryer. By adjusting the temperature and passing several hours, the fruit slices are dried in the machine.

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