Strawberry Powder

wholesale Dried strawberry powder with the possibility of moisture level and meshing of your choice, special for bulk purchase and export.

Armani Food’s strawberry powder has global food standards and we are always ready to order from you, and there is the possibility of consulting, sending samples, etc. before sending.


Dried Strawberry Powder wholesale ready to export allover the world, high quality , anti-cake and best price for bulk from Armanifood.

Supplier of strawberry powder for export

Armani Food is one of the largest producers of dried fruit, and dried fruit powder is one of its specialized products. Armani Food strawberry powder is of the best quality in the world, and can compete with any other powder you are considering at a very low price due to the cheap production in Iran. Our main sales are exports and wholesale, and many factories and even commercial sellers buy their items from us.

Benefits of Dried Strawberry Fruit Powder

When it comes to wholesome snacking and boosting your well-being, dried strawberry fruit powder emerges as a star player. Bursting with essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, it’s a powerhouse option for health enthusiasts. By integrating this powder into your diet, you’re welcoming a range of benefits, from supporting your immune system to promoting healthy skin.

Creating Dried Strawberry Fruit Powder

The journey from plump strawberries to finely milled powder is a fascinating one. Ripe strawberries, carefully selected for their sweetness and flavor, undergo a meticulous drying process. This preserves their nutrients while reducing moisture content. These dried strawberries are then milled into a velvety powder, ensuring that every spoonful encapsulates the essence of fresh strawberries.

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Versatile Uses of Dried Strawberry Fruit Powder

Imagine infusing the lusciousness of strawberries into your daily routine without worrying about seasonality. Blend a spoonful of dried strawberry fruit powder into your morning smoothie or shake to elevate its taste and nutritional content. Channel your inner baker and create tantalizing strawberry-flavored pastries, muffins, and cakes. Or why not sprinkle it over your morning yogurt or oatmeal for an added burst of flavor?

Dried Strawberry Fruit Powder for Skincare

Did you know that the benefits of dried strawberry fruit powder extend beyond the plate? Thanks to its rich antioxidant content, this powder can be a secret weapon in your skincare arsenal. Harness its natural radiance-boosting abilities by incorporating it into DIY facemasks and scrubs. Your skin will thank you for the rejuvenating experience.

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Comparing Dried Strawberry Fruit Powder with Fresh Strawberries

Naturally, you might wonder if dried strawberry fruit powder measures up to the nutrient content of fresh strawberries. While the water content is removed during the drying process, the essence of strawberries is concentrated in the powder. This makes it an efficient and space-saving option, particularly for those looking to enjoy strawberry goodness year-round.

Delicious Recipes with Dried Strawberry Fruit Powder

Ready to tantalize your taste buds? Whip up delectable strawberry-infused energy bars that provide a burst of energy and flavor. Or indulge in the irresistible delight of strawberry-flavored pancakes that will make your breakfasts extraordinary.

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Innovations in Culinary and Health Applications

The versatility of dried strawberry fruit powder extends beyond your kitchen. The food industry is tapping into its potential to create innovative products, from snacks to beverages. Additionally, it’s making waves as a natural ingredient in dietary supplements, contributing to holistic wellness.

Real User Experiences and Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Many individuals have shared their success stories after incorporating dried strawberry fruit powder into their routines. From enhanced energy to glowing skin, the benefits are evident in their experiences.


Strawberry powder exports to Russia

Armanifood is an exporter of dried strawberries powders to all over the world. One of the main markets for our strawberry powders is Russia. Due to the proximity and good relations of the two countries, the Russian market is one of our main sales targets, and we have prepared the logistics of exporting our products to Russia in the best way. Avoid middlemen and reach customers by buying our strawberry powders for your business.

Selling strawberries at wholesale prices

Our strawberry powders prices vary according to the volume you are considering, but we assure you that with the quality you see, our price will be extraordinary for you. One of the reasons for this is the difference between the Iranian rial and the dollar. If you have a high level of economic intelligence, we can become unrivaled in your country together. The price and quality are guaranteed by us and the sales are direct or indirect by you. Contact us now to start a sweet business together.


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Anti-cake dried strawberry powder

Anti-cake strawberry powder is a wonderful product for long-term storage as well as commercial and production uses. We produce our strawberries powders with years of experience and special tests without additives in the form of anti-cake. This is a great advantage for buyers and those who work in this business know the importance of this issue.


In the realm of superfoods, dried strawberries powder emerges as a delightful and nutritious option. Its ability to capture the essence of fresh strawberries in a concentrated form makes it an exciting addition to your pantry. Whether you’re exploring new culinary horizons or seeking an easy way to boost your well-being, this vibrant powder has something for everyone. Embrace the goodness of dried strawberry fruit powder and unlock a world of flavor and nourishment.