Omani lemon

Lemon usually blossoms in spring and is ready to harvest in autumn and winter, so it is not available all over the year. Therefore, to use it in all seasons of the year, we have no choice but to dry. Dried lemon or as most of people say, omani lemon has wonderful nutrition values.


Lime, like most other fruits and citrus fruits, usually has two drying methods:

  • Drying lemons in the traditional way and under the sun on a cloth, which of course has a higher risk of contamination in this method and also the color of lemons will be different from their natural and usual color.
  • Drying with industrial dryers with no manual intervention, which preserves the nutrition values of omani lemons and minimizes the possibility of contamination. Armani Food products produces with this method, will be rich with beneficial values of omani lemons and you will pay a more reasonable price for omani lemons.

Nutritional values of omani lemon

Losing weight

Fresh lime and also Omani lemon has polyphenols. Polyphenol is an antioxidant that is used in weight loss and reduces fat accumulation in the body and thus causes weight loss.

High antioxidant properties

Omani lemon has vitamin C. Due to its antioxidant role, this vitamin destroys free radicals, so, is useful in the treatment of cancer and many heart diseases.

Also, the presence of vitamin C is necessary for more absorption of folic acid (from the family of B vitamins, which has many benefits).

The effect of omani lemon on facial skin

Dry lime can have a great effect on your skin. Lemon prevents wrinkles and skin aging because of its antioxidant active agents.

Treatment of constipation

If you are constipated, be sure to use lemon, fresh or dried. For years, people have been using lemons to help with better digestion and prevent constipation.

Lime and detox water

Every adult (according to size and weight) should drink approximately 3 liters, that is, about 8 glasses of water daily. But those who find it difficult to drink this amount of water and do not like water, can add some omani lemon to the water and give it a better taste. So will drink more water during the day. Flavored water without added calories is known as detox water. Ginger, cucumber and mint are other popular additives in detox waters.

Eliminate bad breath

First thing in the morning, bacteria cause bad breath. To solve this problem, after brushing your teeth, add some dry lemon powder to the water and drink it. In addition to killing bacteria, this can also cause helping weight loss. Lime powder, like omani lemon slices, is also from Armani Food products.

Blood pressure treatment

High blood pressure is one of the reasons of heart attack . By eating omani lemon or its powder and of course by exercising and changing your lifestyle, you can control blood pressure to a great extent. Also, another benefit of lemon powder is to create relaxation and reduce anxiety.

Some ways to use omani lemon

  • Adding it to cold or hot water, we can make various hot or cold drinks and enjoy them.
  • Adding it to tea: Omani lemon gives a great flavor to tea. You must try it once.
  • Adding to all kinds of food: We Iranians use lemon in many of our dishes. One of the main flavorings in traditional Persian dishes is dry lime. It is enough to use a few slices of omani lemon in food while cooking and enjoy the wonderful taste of lemon in it.