dried-fruits-nutsNuts are delicious and nutritious snacks that can enhance any dish. They are rich in healthy fats, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Nuts can also help lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and inflammation, and support brain, heart, and skin health.

Best Iranian Wholesale Nuts

At Armani Food, we offer a variety of high-quality nuts from Iran, which is known for its diverse and fertile land. Our nuts are carefully selected, dried, and packaged to preserve their freshness, flavor, and nutrients. Some of our popular products include:

  • Dried white mulberries

sweet and chewy berries are a good source of vitamin C, iron, calcium, and resveratrol. They can be eaten as a snack or added to cereals, salads, or baked goods.

  • Barberry

tart and tangy berries are a traditional ingredient in Persian cuisine. They are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and berberine and can be used to make jams, sauces, teas, or rice dishes.

  • Dried figs

soft and juicy fruits are a great source of fiber, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. They can be enjoyed as a snack or paired with cheese, nuts, or chocolate.

Best place to buy nuts online bulk from Iran

Whether you are looking for a healthy snack, a tasty ingredient, or a unique gift, you can find it at Armani Food. We are a wholesale company from Iran that exports to all over the world.  Armani Food offer competitive prices, fast delivery, and excellent customer service.

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Order your nuts today and discover the delicious difference of Armani Food!

Benefits of our export Persian nuts

Are you looking for a way to enjoy delicious and nutritious dried fruits and vegetables without breaking the bank? If so, you will love our products at Armani Food. We are a wholesale company from Iran that exports to all over the world. We offer high quality products at a cheap price.

Recipe Persian nuts

Our products are not only tasty and healthy, but also ethical and sustainable. We work directly with farmers to ensure the highest quality and freshness of our products.

Introduction to the cheapest bulk nut producer of Iran

At Armani Food, we believe that quality does not have to come at a high price. That is why we offer our products at a cheap price that is affordable for everyone. Armani-Food are able to do this because we work directly with farmers and producers in Iran, who provide us with the best fruits and vegetables at a fair price. We also save on costs by using natural methods of drying and packaging, which are eco-friendly and efficient. We pass these savings on to you, our valued customers.

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