Dried persimmon

Persimmon is a popular and tasty Asian fruit that looks like a tomato and is usually grows in Japan and China. This fruit has wonderful benefits, and has an American version which also available with some of structural and genetic improvements, all over the world. Persimmon is considered as an extremely benefitful fruit and rich in fiber, which can helps curing all kinds of intestinal diseases and absorption. Especially if you are suffering from a lack of vital vitamins, you can count on dried persimmon. In the following we will learn more about this wonderful product and its benefits.


Persimmon is rich in vitamins, potassium, beta-carotene and fiber, each of these elements are necessary for a healthy body. Their absorption from fruits and other foods is also mostly difficult. even in dried form The advantage of persimmon is the calories given are several times more than its normal state, And it contains more fiber and vitamins.

Nutritional value table of dried persimmon

Based on data obtained from international medical reference websites, you can get the following amounts of minerals and calories per 100 grams of dried persimmons. Every 100 grams of this fruit contains 270 calories. In a large fruit, you can get this energy by eating one persimmon. Of course, in the case of dried fruit, its absorption takes place faster and more.


calories 274
fat 0.3 grams
carbohydrate 73 grams
sugar 0 grams
Protein 1.4 grams
sodium 2 mg
potassium 802 mg
fiber 15 grams


Magical benefits of dried persimmon

It is interesting to know that the benefits of this fruit are doubled when dried, and the body can absorb it in a more special way in any situation. One of the most important points about this fruit that we need to mention is its great effect on heart health. Usually when talking about heart and blood pumping health, fruits and vegetables always lead the way Whereas now all the useful elements that improve the blood flow in the veins are present in the dried persimmon. It is even said that due to the high amount of fiber in this fruit, it can prevent small intestine and colon cancer. People who suffer from malabsorption problems, IBS, stomach acid problems, intestinal obstruction and constipation must put persimmons in their diet. Even if they do not have access to its fresh type, they can use dried persimmon. Also, the risk of osteoporosis can be reduced with this fruit, and finally, if you need vitamin C and A in large quantities, You can count on this fruit.


Different types of dried persimmon in the world market

Dried persimmons, like all the fruits we talked about in the Armani group, are made in a traditional and homemade way using sunlight, or an oven, or with a dryer, so it can be turned into fruit chips or dried fruit in these three ways.  Drying this fruit will increase the amount of calories in a volume relating to the fresh type (By consuming its dried form, Calories received by consuming its dried form are twice that of fresh fruit). Concerning adaption and taste, some people do not like it, especially in children, persimmon doesn’t work with their stomachs and vessels. This problem has been solved very good in dried form and this fruit has a much better and more pleasant taste in this condition. If your child or you do not deal with the taste of the fresh persimmon, we suggest you tasting dried type of that for once. According to the table we mentioned, this dried fruit contains many times more minerals, various vitamins and calories than the fresh form.


In the same way, we felt it necessary to mention that Armani company is currently one of the major suppliers of this fruit in dried form for all over the world and it is possible to obtain a large volume of it at once by communicating through this portal and the communication bridges of this collection. To get more information about the price of dried fruits, you can refer to the related article.

Exporting countries dried persimmon

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, China and Japan are among the biggest exporters of this amazing fruit. Of course, persimmons were first created in Japan, and they are even called Japanese persimmons because they have a unique shape and structure. Iran is also one of the exporters of this fruit in the region through the borders of Astara and Turkey. Especially the northern provinces have extensive experience in the cultivation of this amazing fruit with magical benefits.

Usage of dried persimmons in different foods

The key advantage of this fruit is the possibility of using it in sweets, cakes and desserts. Likewise, if you need a flavoring inside the coffee to drink, you can also prepare and consume its powdered form. On the other hand, it is even possible to use it as one of the important ingredients in various fruit salads. You can use dried persimmon in all seasons of the year. It can be used as a sweet along with all kinds of hot drinks.


Where to use

Due to its sweet taste, persimmon fruit is one of the best and most nutritious compounds and daily snacks which is useful in the treatment of blood pressure diseases, vision and eye problems. Persimmons contain beta-carotene, which strengthens the body’s immune system, and especially those who have previously experienced corona disease or any type of illness based on autoimmune problems can use it. After carrots, persimmons are one of the most effective sources of vitamin A to look after the eyes and solve vision problems. The fiber in this fruit also controls blood sugar levels in diabetics. People who for any reason do not understand the taste of different foods after the corona disease, can use dried persimmons in their diet.