Dried melon

Dried melon is one of the tastiest and best fruit chips in the world. Everybody usually likes this and can be used as a very healthy snack and even an ideal breakfast. Also, it can be used as a dessert, inside cakes, as well as all kinds of sweets and edibles. Armani Company distributes one of the best quality dried melons in the country by handpicking the best melons, and also exports this quality product to 4 continents.


Dried melon contains large amounts of vitamins C, A and B. It also contains large amounts of iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Generally, it is great for those who have problems with body absorption or get fat quickly. There are 34 calories of energy per hundred grams of this fruit. Many people have problems with consuming its fresh fruit, or, this fruit is not available in all seasons. As a result, using melon fruit chips can be a great option for these people.

Be with us, we will learn more about the characteristics of this fruit.

Nutritional value table of dried melon

Based on this nutritional value table, those who want to get more potassium, calcium and calories can use melon chips. Thiamin, niacin, folic acid and amounts of edible fiber are also found in melon. Each 100 grams of dried melon contains:

calories 34
fat 0.19 grams
carbohydrate 8.6 grams
sugar 6.2 grams
sodium 1 mg
Calcium 9 mg
potassium 267 mg
iron 0.21 mg


Also, it is suggested to use melon for cases of anemia. People who suffer from stomach inflammation, have diabetes, should be more careful to consume this extremely nutritious fruit. As you can see in the table above, the amount of sugar in this fruit even in dried form is a bit high. If you are dealing with problems after quitting smoking, you should know that this unique fruit helps you get rid of nicotine.

Nutrition values of dried melon

Many benefits of dried melon have been defined by experts, such as controlling bad cholesterol (LDL). Because of high amounts of potassium in this fruit, it can act as a vaso-opening agent. It also causes a decrease in blood pressure, and if a person has osteoporosis and takes supplements, he can largely compensate for this deficiency in his body with melon.

Prevention of cancer due to vitamin C in this fruit is one of the most important and key things that is necessary to mention. As mentioned, this wonderful fruit will lower blood pressure, help digest food faster, and improve vision. People who are involved in kidney problems and are doing dialysis, it is better to put this fruit in the form of chips and fresh in their food plan every day.

There is beta-carotene in melon fruit, which prevents cataracts, especially in elderly people. If you are suffering from potassium deficiency, put melon chips in your daily routine. This fruit is not always available fresh, obviously, As a result, we suggest that you get a pack of its dried form that contains more aggregated solutes.

Types of dried melon

There is no special category for melons. This division will be related to the types of melons:

  • Pomordica
  • Benin Casa
  • Citrullus
  • Kokomis

Melon is also known as garmak in Iran, a popular and sweet fruit that many people mistake for melon. It is considered among the water full fruits and it can be a great and ideal choice for people who are suffering from dehydration. There are categories under the title of magic melon, canary melon, Korean, Charentes and honeydew melon, which again can be considered similar to melon.

Each melon grows in different part of the world have a series of unique advantages and characteristics. Iran is also one of the largest exporters of melon in the world and has a huge share in the market.

How to dry melons

In Iran and all over the world, melon is dried in different ways, which of course, like watermelon, is considered in three general categories. If you intend to get a sample of chips and dried melon in the Iranian market, you should know that companies or retail suppliers dry it using the following techniques and methods. Of course, it should be noted that the drying methods may undergo some changes depending on the needs of the person or the companies operating in this field.

Drying by sunlight

Exposing to sunlight is one of the most common methods, which it takes a long time to properly dry and chip the fruit. Of course, exposing the fruit to the air can increase the risk of contamination, so is recommended that all health aspects be observed.

Drying using an oven

Drying the device with an oven is also done under a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. Its duration will depend on the fruit and it is necessary to do this with momentary supervision. Otherwise, it can burn the melon or any other fruit that is supposed to be dried.

Drying with dryers

Using drying machines is one of the most standard and common methods, so the melon fruits are completely peeled and the seeds inside are removed. After that, the fruit is placed in the dryer at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, and it takes 24 to 48 hours for it to take the standard dried state. On the other hand, it is necessary to turn the fruit upside down every 4 hours.

Export potentials

Spain, Netherlands, America, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, China, Morocco, Iran and France are among the top exporters of this popular fruit in the world. Iran exports melon to different parts of the world, as well as the countries of the Persian Gulf and of course the northern and western neighbors.An important part of this export will be in the form of dried melon fruit chips, which are very popular among people all over the world.

Where to use

Of course, you don’t usually expect to see melon in other foods, but its dried sample can be used in powdered form in smoothies, juices, etc. Even as a great snack, it brings great absorption to the body due to its small size. People who suffer from diabetes, absorption problems, colitis and Crohn, etc. can use this in their diet.

There is no specific age range for using melon. Children can use this amazing fruit for better growth and weight control, especially in cases of obesity. Its dried sample actually makes a person able to enter more of its properties and vitamins into his body. Vitamin A is one of the most important elements that has made this amazing fruit popular in the world. According to the medical research conducted in this field, dried melon can cause to fix blockage and sedimentation of the veins.