Dried Barberry

Armani Group is currently one of the producers of dried fruits such as organic dried barberry in forms of wholesale and retail in the Iranian market. If you suffer from high blood pressure, iron absorption problems, anemia, defects in the immune system, digestive system, stomach and intestines, you should put barberry in your daily meals in any way possible.

Barberry is one of the most popular and well-known food supplements that Iranians always use.



Dried barberry will be a great option for those who are involved in excessive weight loss or who are planning to increase muscles volume through bodybuilding. In this amazing food, there are more than 316 calories per 100 grams for People who are constantly facing the weakness of the immune system.

Naturally, the use of this food can improve the general condition. If you are dealing with skin problems, you can count on dried barberry. Of course, the healthiness of barberry will always be of particular importance. Based on this, be sure to get it from reputable and well-known brands.

Nutritional value table of dried barberry

Based on this nutritional value table, there is a great amount of protein and carbohydrates per 100 grams of dried barberry. Also it has high rate of vitamin C and the same fiber are shown in this table. In general, barberry’s extraordinary nutritional value table has caused its export rate to increase all over the world during the last few years. Some provinces of Iran also have extensive and experienced activities in this field.


In general, dried barberry is considered a wonderful anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory and sleep aid. It can be easily used in foods and even for brewing to treat many nerve diseases.

calories 316
Protein 3.60 grams
carbohydrate 63.90 grams
Vitamin C 24 mg
fiber 7.40 grams
fat 3.50 grams


Magical benefits of dried barberry

If you suffer from infectious diseases or you have problems with the digestive system, you can count on dried barberry. Unlike the fresh type, which is usually too sour and unbearable, you can use dried barberry according to your needs in rice dishes. Of course, there is no specific limitation in this area. You can even add it to your food cycle to cook dishes like stews.

Treatment of diarrhea, elimination of intestinal problems, indigestion, prevention of diabetes and preventing diabetes, especially at a young age, help and control of heart health and blood clotting problems, etc… are some of the most important benefits that we can count as advantages of this magical food.


types of bulk dry barberry in world markets

Currently, barberry is generally dried according to a specific form. But there are three basic methods for this. Industrial companies use the method of drying barberry with mechanized devices designed for this purpose. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of drying under the sun, which of course takes a long time and ultimately the result will not be favorable, because barberry skin has a high resistance to light penetration. But it is necessary to add some heat to this food. So, in unprincipled drying methods, barberry may lose the mentioned properties over time.


Barberry exporting countries

Iran is the largest and main producer of barberry in the world. Currently, 97% of the land for planting this amazing plant is in South Khorasan province. In addition, Iran currently has an extraordinary production rate of 95%. This fruit has a sour taste and is used in Europe for medicinal and food purposes.

This fruit is currently planted in different races in countries such as Japan, Iran, etc., and sometimes even its color is different.


Application of dried barberry in different foods

Barberry can only consumed directly and also can be used to brew and cook a variety of special dishes such as barberry rice dish, stews, cooking snacks, etc. Barberry juice is currently one of the most popular and tastiest drinks in the world. Dried barberry can be used as a flavoring in all kinds of desserts, salads, etc. The great advantage of barberry is that with all temperaments are compatible and in the right amount can cause skin and hair beautiful and helps digestive health.

You can also brew barberry as an infusion or tea. If its original taste is unpleasant for you, you can combine it with green and black tea or other flavorings. Be careful that the dried barberry must be prepared in a completely hygienic way. Otherwise, it should be washed well with water.


Some uses of barberry

When we talk about barberry, because of the advantages mentioned in the nutritional value table, it is understandable to some extent why barberry is effective in medicine and treatment. In general, barberry is one of the best and most standard fruits for treating throat, stomach, intestinal, lung, bile, and blood pressure infections. On the other hand, barberry is the main and excellent source of vitamin C.

If you don’t have the possibility to get the fresh type, Armani Company gives you the possibility to buy in forms of wholesale and retail and also directly buy this fruit in dried form. Barberry is considered an antibacterial and antiviral, and its root, bark and stem are the most wonderful for heartburn.

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wholesale dried barberry

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