Dried onion

There are different types of onions, such as white, yellow, and red. Red onions are the most delicious, and yellow ones are the second best. Dry red or yellow onions can be found, but in the Iranian market, dried white onions are more common and more popular.

Armani Food Company has all the different forms of dried onions on its products list, including:

– stick ​​dry onion

– Sliced ​​dry onion

– Onion granules (dried onion)

– Onion powder


In the food industry, whether in the kitchen or in the small factory and food industry factory, onion is the main ingredient in making or cooking things. Some of applications of dried onions are the production of mixed spices, preparation of fried onions, snacks and other fast foods. In the industry of meat products such as hamburgers; Onion powder is 80% of hamburger seasoning.

Armani Food Company, as a producer of dried onions, sells this product in two different forms, dried onion for grinding and first grade dried onion. First grade dry onion is used in food and frying, and ground dry onion, obviously, is suitable for powdering and preparing onion powder. The price of dried onion produced by Armani Food Company is very competitive compared to other brands.

What you should consider while buying dried onion:

One of the important parameters when producing dry onion is its moisture content. If the moisture content of dry onion is more than 7%, there is a high possibility of insect larvae forming in it. The most suitable moisture level for dry onion for packaging is below 7%. If the moisture content of dry onion is less than 5%, it will be completely crispy and its shelf life will be higher and the final onion powder will be less sticky. Armani Food’s onion powder with reasonable price and high purity is produced in such a way that it does not become clumpy without the need for additives and reduction of purity

It is interesting to know that from drying 20 kg of fresh onions, only 1 kg of dry onions is produced. also takes about 20 minutes to fry fresh onions, but frying dry onions takes less than 1 minute, so using Armani Food dry onions saves 19 minutes of time and you will have more uniform and better fried onions.

It is our pride that currently, dry onions of many big and famous Iranian food companies are supplied by Armani Food Company.

For information on the latest wholesale dry onion price and warehouse stock, please contact Armani Food’s sales experts.

dried onion quality

Onion cultivation areas

Onions are grown in many parts of the world, but are mostly produced in Russia, China and India.

Onions can be cultivated in most regions of Iran, but white onions are planted and produced mostly in the south of the country and the southern regions of Isfahan, yellow onions in the central regions of Iran, and red onions in the northwest of Iran.

Why dry onion instead of fresh onion?

Onions in fresh form may become rotten, spoiled, soft and smelly after a period of time if they are not used. But dried onion has a longer shelf life because its moisture has been removed. Also, the weight of dry onion is much less compared to fresh onion, and it is very useful in traveling where heavy loads are a problem.

As known, chopping onions, makes tears, pain and burning in eyes, and its bad smell is difficult to get rid of, but by consuming dry onions, this problem can be easily solved.

Dried onions can be used in cooking foods as well as fresh onions. It is enough to soak the onion in hot water for 15 minutes, then drain the water and add the onion to the cooking soup or stew or etc…

Nutrition values of dried onions

Strong antibiotic

Dried onion is a strong antibiotic and kills many dangerous germs, so, its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties help oral and dental health.

There are two types of enzymes in dry onion: catalase and glutathione peroxidase. These two enzymes also act as antioxidants and cause blood thinning and thus prevent heart attacks.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, dried onion lowers blood pressure and also cleanses the lungs and helps people with asthma.

Cholesterol treatment

In overweight people, cholesterol is high. High cholesterol causes the vessels to be blocked by fatty deposits. Due to dry onion active sulfur compounds, dry onion reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and helps blood flow.


Dried onion has calcium. The first role of calcium is in the growth, maintenance and protection of bones and teeth, but it also improves the function of muscles and nerves. Also, vitamin D and K, magnesium need calcium for absorption.

Anti-cancer role

Due to the presence of sulfur, dried onion prevents tumor growth and slows down the growth of lung and ovarian cancer. Today, the use of ultraviolet rays (UV) and other strong and harmful electromagnetic waves has increased and these waves unfortunately causes skin cancer. The presence of vitamins A and K in dry onions protect the skin from the damage of these waves.


Dried onion has vitamin C. This vitamin also plays as an antioxidant and inhibits free radicals. It also prevents free radical damage to DNA that may lead to cancer.

Also, dry onion plays a role in collagen production and removing wrinkles and helps to heal wounds.

The risk of arthritis increases with age. Vitamin C reduces this risk.


White onion slices
White onion slices


Yellow onion slices
Yellow onion slices


wholesale dried onion

Wholesale Dried Onion, It can suit your specific needs and preferences. Dried onion comes in different forms, such as flakes, granules, powder, or slices, depending on the size and shape of the onion pieces. You can choose the form of dried onion that best suits your recipe, your cooking method, and your desired outcome. You can also mix and match different forms of wholesale dried onion to create your own custom blend.
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