Dried Pear

As you know fresh pears have a short term durability and not available all seasons, but dried pears are always available and also have less weigh due to drying and dehydrating.

Using dried pears is very popular among people who practice and athletes because it has very much lower weight than fresh fruit and also has low calories and high energy. Dried pears are also used in ice cream and desserts.

Pear is native to Asia and Europe and is the fifth most produced fruit in the world.

Pears can be dried with two methods:

  • The first method is organic and without any preservatives
  • The second method is with sulfur and sodium bisulfide


Dried pears are close in taste to dried apples. Pear is a green and yellow fruit, juicy and conical in shape, which has a pleasant and aromatic taste.

Our dried pear slices of excellent premium quality are completely natural. Dried pears are the optimal energy-delivering snack- naturally sweet, low in acidity, purely vegetable, gluten-free and without artificial colors.

So there is a Description to find out how to identify every one of them:

In the organic method, the final the product is brownish white colored with a black or dark brown skin but when sulfur gas is used, the color of the product is lighter and the skin around the cuts turns golden yellow.

If you are a dried fruit eater, often you can tell the difference by tasting and eating dried pears, whether or not sulfur or metabisulfite was used to dry it.

organic dried pears
organic dried pears
chemically dried pears
chemically dried pears

Benefits and nutrition values of dried pears:

  • Vitamin C:

Dried pear also have vitamin C so it will increases the body’s immunity against colds and coughs. This vitamin also as strong antioxidant, protects the body against the dangers of free radicals and cancer.

Dried pears are the best way to fight painful coughs. If you have night cough, a cup of steeped dried pears will make your brain and body easier to relax.

  • Fiber:

Dried pear is excellent for diet because of its rich source of fiber.

Dried pears contain a significant amount of fiber. Fiber in fruits has laxative properties and prevents constipation. It also reduces the absorption of carbohydrates in the body and as a result helps to control blood sugar.

It also helps to treat hemorrhoids. Another benefit of fiber is that it has a lot of volume compared to its weight and very few calories, so reduces weight.

During drying pears, no sugar will added, so it can be used as a healthy snack or meal. Dried pears are easy to digest, elderly people or people with weak body systems and sensitive discomfort stomachs should add them to their diet.

  • Potassium in dried pears:

Another valuable nutritive in this dried fruit is potassium in high amounts. The presence of potassium prevents the formation of blood clots and also Regulates blood pressure and reduces heart disease and heart attack.

  • Folate in pears:

Folate is a member of B vitamins family. This vitamin is so necessary for healthiness of pregnant women. Folate prevents neural tube defects, which is one of the congenital defects, and causes better growth and appearance of the fetus.

  • Mineral Boron:

This mineral in a small amount is necessary in the body, but this small amount allows the body to use calcium, thus it plays an essential role in preventing arthritis and osteoporosis.

Diabetic patients and dried pears

Dried pears are very useful for diabetics, because like other fruits, sugar in it is fructose, and this sugar is absorbed by the body with the least amount of insulin.