Dried Blood Orange

Dried blood orange has a mysterious taste, by eating a slice of this dried fruit, you will get peace and vitality, and as it is suitable for slimming diets, it will bring you beautiful and tender skin. This snack contains various antioxidants and vitamin C. Slices of dried blood oranges can be used as decoration for cakes and sweets and herbal tea, and also used in crisping meats such as chicken, beef and fish. When eating these fruit chips, it is better to remove the skin because it is a bit bitter. You can use orange peel in cooking and making jam.


Nutritional values of dried blood orange

Dried blood oranges are one of the best and most popular ways to consume this extremely popular and delicious fruit. We all know how useful the blood type of this fruit can be. Of course, you probably agree that it is not possible to prepare this fruit fresh in all conditions, climates and cities of the country. As a result, you can use the dried sample or the fruit chips, which are available in the market even in industrial form. Due to the lower volume of dried blood orange compared to fresh fruit, therefore, it can be rich in antioxidants, sodium, calcium and potassium. There will be 232 mg of potassium in every 140 grams of this fruit, which is easily absorbed by the body at all ages.

Nutritional value table of dried blood orange

Based on data obtained from reliable medical sources, in every 140 grams of  dried blood oranges, these values ​​are found in abundance. Vitamin C in this fruit is absorbed by the body in a completely better way, and on the other hand, it plays a significant role in the repair of dead cells, especially in the treatment of infection and faster healing of wounds.


calories 65
fat 0 gram
carbohydrate 14.9 grams
sugar 11.1 grams
sodium 13 mg
Calcium 60 mg
potassium 2327 mg
iron 1.31 mg


Magical benefits of dried blood orange

The unique benefits of dried blood oranges are beyond what you can imagine. The main advantage that makes dried blood oranges have great nutritional value is its high antioxidant level. It should be noted that the amount in each 150 grams of this fruit is about 4 times more than kiwi and melon. And also, blood oranges with no fat, harmful substances and cholesterol, is less often for someone to forbidden to use. People who are overweight and obese and want to fill their stomach with something with low calories can use this fruit. Likewise, there are 73 calories per 150 grams of this fruit, 91% of which are completely absorbed through the colon, even in those with colitis and Crohn disease.also, by using this fruit in dried form, you can get more nutritious from the amounts mentioned in the table. One of the biggest advantages of this dried fruit is reducing the risk of eye diseases and cataracts.

Types of dried blood oranges in the world market

In general, dried blood oranges are found in bulk, packaged and under valid labels in the Iranian market. Armani Group is currently a wholesale seller of all kinds of dried fruits, especially blood oranges. In fact, you can have the possibility to be prepared for export as well as general and partial expenses through this company.

Methods of producing dried samples

In the world and in Iran, three main methods are used to dry this fruit. The first method is done directly by the sun and by the public. In other methods, electric devices will be used for this purpose, the reason for their use is determined depending on the quantity of the fruit.

1-Drying using sunlight

One of the common techniques is this: orange fruit is directly exposed to the sunlight, after making sure it is crispy, and when its water tissues are taken, the fruit is collected.

2- Drying using an oven

Drying using an oven will be suitable for those who want to dry this fruit in cold and rainy seasons. Of course, the temperature and time range of drying the fruit should be determined based on the correct instructions provided by the cooking experts.

3- Drying using dryers

Using the dryer method will usually be the most mechanized, standard and best method. Many distribution centers and wholesale and export sellers use this way to dry blood oranges, And the result is several times better than other methods and the final taste of fruit chips is also better.

Armani Company, as one of the country’s largest dried fruit producer, is currently offering dried blood oranges with the highest quality range in the market. As a costumer of both bulk and retail, you can contact us directly through the same portal or inquire.

Export potentials

Brazil, the United States of America, China, Iran and Russia are among the most prominent and important countries in the field of exporting blood oranges and ordinary samples. In Iran, this fruit is known as a high-yielding product that is less affected by pests, and in addition, this fruit can be used in different ways. It should be noted that Brazil has 30% of the supply of this fruit in the world.

Usage of dried blood orange in different foods

Of course, this dried fruit is not usually expected to be used directly in a variety of foods. But always and in many countries of the world and even in Iran, a constant part of smoothies, various fruit ice creams and desserts prepared by restaurants, cafés and cafes. Due to its delicious taste and wonderful combination with all kinds of sweet flavors, this amazing fruit can be used in this way.

Where to use

The range of use is completely unlimited and abstinence is considered for this fruit, especially its dried sample, On the other hand, according to the amount of fiber found in this fruit, it is one of the best fruits for the treatment of vascular cramps, for those who suffer from high blood pressure. If you want to rejuvenate your skin, due to the high amount of mineral storage, this fruit can be a regular part of your diet.