bulk & Wholesale Iranian Dried Fruits + Price

Armani Food industry is one of the biggest whole seller and suppliers of dried fruits.

Find the best Bulk dried apricot, dried garlic, dried prune etc price from us. We wholesale and export lots of dried fruits to many countries.

Armani Food exports dried fruits in 5 main categories:

Benefits of dried fruit

Dried fruit is a healthy snack with high nutritional value. It is also one of the best products for export and global trade due to its long shelf life and small volume. Everyone deserves to enjoy the best fruits in the world. Exporting dried fruit is a low-cost solution to do so.

Iranian dried fruit

Iranian dried fruit is in demand by many countries in the world due to its reasonable price and quality. Armani Food produces its own dried fruits and contacts the best farmers and gardeners in Iran to supply the fruits. As a result of years of experience in the field of dry fruit production and export, Armani Food has become the highest quality dry fruit producer in Iran for consecutive years. Popular Iranian dry fruit products

Dried Apricot

Dried Apricot is one of the most popular dried fruits in the world. Iran has a special share of the market next to Turkey as one of the producers of dried apricots. Armani Food’s dried Iranian apricots are produced and exported in bulk in different sizes and moisture levels according to your preference.

Dried Prunes

Pitted Prunes are one of the most popular products, especially in Europe. In Iran, not many companies export Californian plums with high quality. Armani Food is honestly the only major producer of dried plums with luxury quality and global food standards in Iran.

Dry fruit powder and granules

Fruit powder and dry fruit granules have many uses in the food industry and factories. Armani Food supplies fruit powder and granules for many greats of the food industry.

Dry fruit tea

Fruit tea is made from roasted fruit granules. Apple, quince and strawberry tea are our three most popular products.

Dried vegetables

Dried vegetables and spices are popular in many countries as seasonings with a long shelf life. Armani Food produces and supplies dried garlic, dried onion, paprika and dried tomato.

Persian dried garlic

Dried garlic is an amazing product that is included in the food basket of most countries. China is considered as one of the main exporters of this product. But Persian dry garlic has a better aroma and taste. Also, the price of our dry garlic and the short distance have made this product of ours stand out in the European market, especially in Eastern Europe. We wholesale dry garlic in 3 forms: sliced, granulated and powdered.

Wholesale dried fruit

The process of wholesale dry fruit is simple. Find the product of your choice among our products, email us the quantity and quality you want, and we will send you photos, videos or samples if needed in the shortest time. There is a quality guarantee exactly the same as the sample. The wholesale price of dried fruit varies according to the requested volume.