Bulk dried kiwi Slices

Dried kiwi is completely peeled and only the flesh of the fruit is included in the drying process. This product is packaged wholesale in 5-layer white cartons for food items. Products are produced in a completely hygienic environment and semi-automatically. The quality control unit constantly monitors how the peeled fruits are dried.


Dried kiwi of Armani Food Collection is the best choice

This is not a slogan, but we claim the quality of dried kiwi products of Armani Food Industries Company. One hundred percent satisfaction of previous customers guarantees this claim.

Dried kiwi products are completely peeled and only the flesh part of the fruit is included in the drying process. Of course, peeling kiwi will make the process longer, but the final product will definitely be of better quality.

The customer has the right to choose when ordering. This means that it is possible to cut the kiwi lengthwisely and also to cut it in coins. And the customer can order one of the two according to his taste.

packing bulk dry kiwi

Another important point in the use of preservatives, which is done for long-term use to order the customer. If you wish, you can order dried organic kiwi without additives and preservatives. Dried kiwi product is packed in 5-layer white cartons for food items. Each carton measures 40 by 30 by 30 cm and can hold 12 packages of 1 kg of dried kiwi.

The prepared products are produced in a completely hygienic environment and semi-automatically. The management constantly monitors how the peeled fruits are dried. Our priority is to provide healthy and nutritious products because consumers are part of our large family.

Prices are very affordable and economical compared to the high quality of dried kiwi products. Due to currency fluctuations and inflation, we have tried to keep the price of dried kiwi in balance. Contact us for detailed information on the price of dried fruits.

Wholesale Iranian Dried kiwi


Why buy dried kiwi wholesale instead of fresh fruit?

Kiwi is very sensitive and you can not store it for a long time. Fresh kiwi is not available on all days of the year. Wholesale buyers buy kiwi orchard products, And transports them to the cold stores for storage. This operation increases costs, while it is always possible to lose part of the fruit due to rot and fruit fermentation. Dried kiwi products can be stored for a long time.

Dried kiwis can be easily stored. This product is easy to transport and there is no need to worry about damage and wastage of kiwi. Dried kiwi does not rot in any way. Even organic products that have been dried without additives can be stored for a long time. This is due to the drying of the water inside the kiwi fruit, which prevents the growth of mold and fungi.

Dried kiwi is rich in nutrients. In the process of drying the kiwi, water and moisture of the fruit are taken and the nutrients remain intact. Water loss will make kiwifruit lighter and will increase the amount of vitamins and minerals in the product per unit volume.

Dried kiwi products are delicious and can easily meet the body’s basic nutrient needs. Keep in mind that eating a few fresh kiwis a day is not easy. Many people can not consume this amount of kiwi while dried kiwi can be consumed in larger quantities. In fact, this product can be considered a complete dietary supplement that provides all the minerals the body needs.


Amazing properties of dried kiwi

Kiwi is not native to Iran, but there are now kiwi orchards in many cities and provinces. This sour and sweet fruit with its brown and fluffy skin is a regular part of parties and gatherings. Kiwi is high in vitamin C and boosts the immune system and prevents disease. Dried kiwi products are one of the most popular snacks among families who care about the health of their children and themselves.

A medium-sized kiwi fruit, about 70 grams, has about 64 milligrams of vitamin C. This amount of vitamin C provides between 70 and 80% of the vitamin C needed by an adult. By eating a kiwi daily, you can protect your body against a variety of viruses and bacteria. In addition, the high calcium content of kiwi strengthens bones and increases bone density. All of these ingredients are present in dried kiwi products without the slightest drop.

Daily consumption of kiwi is also recommended for pregnant and lactating women because this amazing fruit is a rich source of folate for the body. As a result, anemia and iron deficiency of the mother’s body are prevented. Paying attention to the proper nutrition of the mother also has a direct effect on improving the health and growth of the child.

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Benefits of dry kiwi products

Eating dried fruit is a good alternative to harmful and unhealthy snacks. If you have a child, establish the right eating habit in him as a child. Buying dried fruit is a smart choice that will keep you and your children healthy. In the meantime, dried kiwi should not be ignored due to its numerous properties. Some of the properties of dried kiwis are:

  • Rich source of antioxidants and improves cardiovascular health
  • Rich in vitamin K and prevents blood clots
  • Blood pressure control due to high potassium and magnesium
  • Reduce stress and help you sleep better
  • Ideal for pregnant and lactating women and rich in folate
  • The role of dried kiwi in strengthening and helping to improve vision
  • Collagenation and prevention of premature skin aging
  • Protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun due to its high vitamin E.
  • Improve digestion and prevent constipation
  • Eliminate toxins from the body and cleanse the liver
  • Help to lose weight
  • Prevent anemia
  • Treatment of asthma and shortness of breath
  • Blood sugar control
  • Memory Improvement

Note: Kiwi consumption is not recommended for people with allergies. Do not eat fresh and dried kiwi if you have certain allergies. In both cases there is a similar allergy. Swelling and redness of the tongue indicate sensitivity to kiwi.