Dried white mulberries

Dried berries are rich in micronutrients and minerals that are easily included in the daily diet and deserve a very special place in the human food pyramid.



Dried berry product is one of the most nutritious dried fruits that is produced in summer and due to the many benefits of this product, it is a very famous summer fruit that our collection is one of the top sellers in the country.

Introduction and acquaintance with the specifications of different types of dried berries

Wholesale providers of dried berries in Iran work in this field in different ways and try to provide easy and desirable shopping for the customer. Kurdistan, Mashhad and Tehran are the cities that produce this product, and usually the wholesale distribution of this product is more in the cities that produce it, and you can buy fresh dried berries in these cities. Due to the balanced climate in Iran, The variety of its fruits is very high and berry is one of the fruits that includes a variety of interesting types in Iran, which we will mention below.

Formal dried berries

Formal dried berries are among the white mulberries that are slightly different in taste and appearance from ordinary dried berries, and among its common characteristics, we can mention its suitable nectar, soft texture, good sweetness, and compacted grains which has turned this type of berry into a high quality sample.

Dried berries

Another name for this berry is Bukhara and it is one of the berries which its sweetness is moderate and is very useful for diabetics. This type of berry is in the group of prickly berries.

Kurdish dried berry

Shahrekord is one of wholesale producers of this berry,  that is why it is known as Kurdish berry, which has a medium size and a sweet taste.

Cultivation of berries

Among the types of market products that are offered, dried berries are dried fruits that are very old and have been considered in all eras due to their good taste and many benefits.

Berries are among the trees that are very hardy and low in need, so they can be cultivated in most climatic regions of the country, And among the areas that are engaged in extensive cultivation of this tree, we can mention Khorasan and cities such as Mashhad and Torqabeh, Kurdistan, Tehran, etc.

It is good to know that some berry trees are ornamental and produce only male flowers, and the female specimens of these trees also produce a variety of tasty berries. Among the interesting features of mulberry trees, we can mention their grafting, which can be done by doing different grafting on the tree to change the type of berry produced by that tree.

Nutrition facts and benefits of dried berries

Dried berries contain a number of nutrients and minerals that are mentioned below:

  • 70% carbohydrates
  • 14% fiber
  • 12% protein
  • 3% fat
  • Potassium and iron
  • Contains vitamins E, C, K1
  • This product has more protein than other fruits.

There are many special benefits in dried berries that we will introduce to you in the following:

One of the most important benefits of dried berries is the regulation of blood sugar control, which is recommended for consumption after a meal because it contains an enzyme that is useful for diabetes.


Dried berries are also able to regulate body fat and protect you from the risk of heart attack due to the accumulation of platelets in the arteries.

This delicious product contains many antioxidants such as rutin and myristin, which are useful to prevent various cancers.

Applications and uses of dried berries

Dried berries can be used in sweet-tasting nuts or used alone as a snack. Also, mixing dried berries with cream is a pleasant combination that is used as a dessert.

Other uses for dried berries include combining them with yogurt and ice, which is included in some people’s diets as a healthy smoothie. Dried berries can also be added to salads or as an appetizer.

Method of producing high quality dried berries

The factories that supply dried berries are equipped with advanced machines that use them to dry large quantities of berries in a completely hygienic way.

These devices do not harm the nutrients of the berry and only take the tissue water of the berry and leave the flesh and internal structure of the berry, which fortunately, contrary to traditional methods, these devices do not change the color of the berry much, And finally, they deliver tasty and colorful products.


Export dried berries

At present, by offering different types of dried berries in Iran, the needs of domestic consumers for this product have been answered in the best way, and due to the high quality of this Iranian product among nuts, it has also been considered by foreign countries, And some of these countries want it.

The variety of berries is able to cover the needs of customers in this field, And in addition to making the country needless to import, As a result, it leads to an increase in the export of this product in wholesale and creates a positive change in the country’s economy.

Dried berries are exported wholesale to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Iraq and other European countries, and this i

s done through procedures such as customs and so on, And this product is exported from the cities of its production by successful managers in this field and the export of dried berries is one of the activities of Armani Food collection.