Mixed 5 dried fruits

This delicious mixed fruit is the best and highest quality dried mixed fruit you will find anywhere. To ensure the highest level of quality, we mix kiwi, persimmon, banana, apple and plum all in dried form together. Out of this world! It is a beautiful combination and has a wonderful taste.

Health benefits of mixed fruits

Eating a combination of mixed dried fruits like these can provide a wide range of nutrients. A variety of fruits provide more vitamins and minerals than any single fruit. This is important because many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are more effective in combination. Also, these mixed dried fruits provide an excellent source of dietary fiber in both essential forms: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber controls blood sugar and lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. It also improves nutrient absorption to ensure that your body benefits from vitamins and natural minerals found in the fruit. Insoluble fiber is vital for a healthy digestive system and promotes satiety. To ensure the highest level of quality, we mix it with kiwi, persimmon, plum, banana and apple. The taste is wonderful. These delicious mixed dried fruits are the perfect mix of fruits you’ll find anywhere.


Today, diets have changed in such a way that many people may consume less fruit than the normal amount of a two-year-old child during the month. This is not good and pleasant and has irreparable complications and disadvantages for everyone. On the other hand, bulk dried fruit can also solve this problem to a great extent. But its mixed type will have a wonderful taste and on the other hand it will change your attitude about many fruits like persimmons and kiwis. First of all, these mixes have a great taste. After that, they are very useful for health.

What is in Armani five dried fruit mix pack

Now, let’s get to know a little more about the dry fruits pack of Armani mix.

Dried kiwi

Kiwi, which is also known as Chinese gooseberry in some countries, is a very tasty green fruit, which of course is available in sour, sweet, spicy and acidic models. It contains large amounts of vitamin E, which makes the skin firm. Also, it is considered a masterpiece for excessive sperm production, treatment of skin diseases, premature aging disorders, etc. Its dried sample has a sweet-and-sour taste, which along with the combination of persimmons, plums and bananas, gives you a unique feeling.

Dried persimmon

Another member of this 5-fruit mix is ​​dried persimmon, which may have little protein, but it contains significant amounts of vitamin C and A, and if you are dealing with problems such as low energy and weakness, you can use it as a natural energy resource. Dried persimmons are also an ideal option for preventing colds in winter. For skin cleansing and liver health, we suggest using it along with apples and other fruits. If you don’t want to eat the fruit directly and fresh, you can count on its dried type.

Dried plums

It is said that dried plum has more than 40 wonderful benefits for body. An extremely tasty fruit whose dry type has more calories due to its more weigh. Its taste is more sour and sweet and it can control the sweet taste of apple and banana in this good combination. Vitamin K, C, copper, potassium and manganese are also present in this amazing fruit.

Dried banana

Dried bananas contain large amounts of potassium, vitamin B, C, magnesium, fiber, protein, fat and carbohydrates. It strengthens the digestive system and reduces stomach and intestinal problems. If you are a professional athlete or want to replace muscle instead of fat, you can put bananas at the top of the list of your snacks. Also, bananas can be an ideal choice for losing weight, maintaining heart health and solving problems such as infection.

Dried apple

Dried apple has wonderful benefits, it cures difficult diseases such as cancer, cholesterol, Alzheimer’s and oral and dental infections. Using fresh apples also has its own advantages, in fact, many of us know very well how tasty apples are, but sometimes it is not possible to use fresh apples because of their large volume. On the other hand, children are not very willing to eat fresh fruit. The benefits of immune resistance and treatment of diabetes and prevention of asthma are among the most important things that we should have mentioned.

Magic benefits of 5 dried fruits mix

If you suffer from diseases such as skin problems, kidney problems, as well as intestinal disorders such as colitis or absorption problems, the fiber in this mix of 5 fruits can solve your problems. In addition to the treatment methods and drugs that are always prescribed for you, due to their high amount of antioxidants and fiber, these fruits will be a basic requirement to complete the treatment process. If you are an athlete and you have a difficult operation ahead of you soon, or you are a student and you are at the time of the start of exams, be sure that the consumption of each of these fruits alone can be miraculous. Now imagine that these fruits are mixed together.

Nutrition values of five fruit mix and their effects on health

If you suffer from intestinal coagulopathy, constipation, vomiting, constant nausea, you should know that dry fruit will be one of the best diets that can solve your reluctance to many fruits to a great extent. Especially if your young child does not like some fruits, this mix of 5 dried fruits can help you and affect the development process of the child between the ages of 2 and 17. All the fruits mentioned in this introduction have excellent benefits, with a high volume of fiber and minerals. In addition, to control blood pressure, heart health, as well as treat sexual problems and disorders, each of these fruits with a series of benefits can control and solve your problem to a great extent.

5 dried fruits mix in different foods and desserts

Of course, you can use this fruit mix as a snack for students, athletes and professional bodybuilders. On the other hand, if you like fruit smoothies, cakes and desserts, you can change its taste by using this mix and dried fruits in general. If you are not able to eat breakfast as an important meal, you can use this mix of 5 fruits and consume at least 100 grams of it daily. It will works wonders in your body. If you are an athlete and constantly take bodybuilding supplements, In order to compensate for deficiencies or better control your weight, you can use this mix of five fruits, which is supplied and processed by Armani group. One of the main requirements of this mix is ​​to be hygienic and to use standard methods for drying.

Consumption ways of 5 dried fruits mix

In general, there is no limit to how many ways you can use this compound. Unless you are allergic to the taste of one of these fruits. Of course, as we talked about the benefits and advantages of dry fruits and fruit chips, it is necessary to mention that such fruits must be prepared in a hygienic and packaged way. At present, the Armani brand is one of the most successful and renowned in the field of production and distribution of all kinds of dried fruits, mixed and single fruit models, both in the field of supply in the Iranian and world markets and in the field of wholesale and retail distribution.