Dried garlic

Sliced Dried Garlic: Adding Flavor and Nutrition to Your Dishes
Imagine walking into a kitchen filled with the tantalizing aroma of roasted garlic and the promise of delectable meals. Sliced dried garlic, a culinary gem, has been revolutionizing kitchens worldwide. Not only does it bring intense flavor to your recipes, but it also boasts a range of health benefits. wholsale dried garlic from iran cheaper price and high quality from armani food.

In independent tests, Iranian garlic has higher Brix, an important factor of taste. According to the feedback of Armani Food customers, our garlic products have a different taste compared to Chinese and Indian products. They have a stronger and better taste. Garlic is a common additive and spice for cooking. It acts as a food preservative and also prevents food poisoning. Garlic is an herbal medicine for many diseases related to blood and heart and is used as a raw material in the pharmaceutical industry as well as for the production of medicinal supplements.


Dried garlic sale | A guide for buying packed or bulk garlic flakes and a full description of it’s benefits for health and sale and export Iranian dried garlic.

According to many experts, the origin of this plant is probably Central Asia, and it belongs to the family of leeks, onions and chives. Currently, this very useful plant grows all over the world. Dried garlic and bulk dried garlic is used as a seasoning all over the world because of its spicy taste. It can be planted at any time of the year, but the best time to plant is early summer and to harvest is early fall.

In many tests, Iranian garlic, especially garlic from Hamadan, has higher allicin than other countries products, which is also an important factor for taste. According to the feedback of Armani Food customers, our garlic dried sale products have a different taste than Chinese and Indian garlic. These customers have described the taste of Armani Food’s garlic, stronger and better. Currently, garlic is produced worldwide in most subtropical regions. China, Iran, India, Korea and Egypt are the main producers of garlic in the world.

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Garlic drying has two methods:

traditionally method garlic flakes

traditionally in this method, they cut the garlic and dry it on a piece of cloth under the sun. Obviously in this case, the possibility of microbial contamination is high.

industrial method garlic flakes

it is industrial. Garlic is cut and dried in dryers. The industrial method of garlic drying uses a specialized dryer machine that can control the temperature, humidity, and airflow in the drying chamber. The dryer machine can also be equipped with a conveyor belt or a material truck to facilitate the loading and unloading of the garlic.

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Nutrition values and benefits of dried garlic

Sliced dried garlic, often referred to as “flavor in a slice,” brings a concentrated burst of garlicky goodness to dishes. Its concentrated nature means that a little goes a long way, allowing you to elevate the flavor of your meals effortlessly. This humble ingredient isn’t just about taste; it’s packed with antioxidants and nutrients that can support your overall health.

  • Cold treatment

If you have a cold, be sure to use garlic flakes in your diet. Garlic reduces colds.

  • Treating high blood pressure with garlic flakes

High blood pressure is an important factor in cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke. As a result, according to clinical studies, garlic has a significant effect in reducing blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.

  • Reducing blood cholesterol with dried garlic

There are two types of cholesterol in the human body: HDL (good) cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol. garlic flakes reduces LDL cholesterol levels. High triglyceride in the body is an alarm for heart patients, which garlic reduces.

  • Garlic has antioxidant

Free radicals in the body cause cancer and also cause aging. Antioxidant agent in garlic protects the body against cell damage and aging and also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

  • Treatment of infectious diseases by garlic flakes

Elderly people and those with weakened immune systems also can fight infectious disease, which is a major cause of death, by using dried garlic in their food.

  • Garlic effects on anemia

The iron in dried garlic is effective in delivering oxygen to body tissues and provides essential oxygen for cellular metabolism. Anemia can be prevented by getting enough iron in the diet.

Anemia also causes fatigue, shortness of breath and increased heart rate.

So the presence of copper along with iron in the body causes red blood cells to be produced and helps to absorb iron.

According to research conducted in a medical institution in the United States, 2 tablespoons of granulated or semi-chopped dried garlic contains 1.1 mg of iron.

  • Improve the functioning of the nervous system by garlic flakes

Dried garlic contains significant amounts of copper. Copper helps functioning of the nervous system.

Copper also helps the enzymes in the brain to perform the necessary activities. Deficiency or reduction of this mineral affects memory and causes problems in learning.

  • Liver detoxification by dried garlic

garlic contains two types of nutrients called allicin and selenium, which help protect and detoxify the liver.

Selenium protects the body from cancer and heavy metal poisoning and helps preventing heart disease.

  • dried garlic as an antibiotic

Allicin in garlic flakes has antibiotic properties that can fight and suppress infections and bacteria, such as fungal elements, viral infections, and bacteria such as salmonella.

As a result, garlic flakes allicin can be used as a suitable alternative to antibiotics. It also helps when used along with commonly prescribed antibiotics.

Treatment of urinary tract infection with dry garlic

Another benefit of allicin in garlic is to reduce pain and kidney infection.

  • Garlic and digestion

Garlic stimulates the stomach membrane and produces more stomach acid, which helps in digestion. garlic flakes kills harmful bacteria and helps to clean the intestines and is effective in the treatment of colitis.

  • Increased lifelong

Considering the many benefits that garlic has on health, it will ultimately increase human life. Because garlic strengthens blood pressure, cholesterol and immune system. All these help to improve human health and increase life span.



FAQs Dried Garlic sale

Does Wholesale Sale of Dried Garlic from Iran Have a Different Price from Other Countries?

Yes, it does. Considering the low value of the Iranian currency (Rial) compared to the dollar, you can make a significant profit as a trader.

Is sliced dried garlic as potent as fresh garlic in recipes?

Absolutely! Sliced dried packs a concentrated punch, offering a comparable flavor profile to fresh garlic.

Can I use garlic flakes in both savory and sweet dishes?

While it’s more commonly used in savory dishes, creative chefs have been known to experiment with garlic flakes in desserts for a unique twist.

Does sliced garlic flakes lose its nutritional value during the drying process?

While some nutrient loss is inevitable, garlic flakes retains a significant portion of its antioxidants and health benefits.

Can I store garlic flakes in the refrigerator?

It’s best to store sliced dried garlic in a cool, dark pantry rather than the refrigerator to maintain its optimal flavor and texture.

Are there any dishes where garlic flakes should be used sparingly?

Yes, garlic flakes is potent, so exercise caution in delicate dishes where its robust flavor might overpower other ingredients.