Dried figs

Iranian dried fig is a unique variety of figs in the world because of its color and size. It is cultivated in the center of Iran. Iranian fig is widely consumed in the world. This delectable healthy snack with is full of fiber and a good source of several essential minerals, including magnesium, manganese, calcium, and potassium



All natural dried organic Iranian Figs are grown without pesticides or chemicals. Smaller than California figs and not as sweet as Turkish figs, these Iranian figs have a delicious flavor that is great for snacking, cooking, or baking. Dried organic Iranian figs are a healthy treat that is rich in dietary fiber, potassium, and other minerals.

Health Benefits of Organic Iranian Figs

Organic Iranian figs are rich in dietary fiber; in a single serving, they provide 20 percent of the daily recommended value for fiber. The great thing about these fruits is that they pack both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber supports nutrient absorption, may reduce LDL “bad” cholesterol levels, and can help stabilize blood sugar levels. Insoluble fiber provides a feeling of fullness and keeps the digestive tract running smoothly.

In addition to dietary fiber, dried organic Iranian figs are also a good source of essential minerals. They are rich in potassium, the heart-healthy nutrient that reduces high blood pressure, helps the heart beat, and keeps sodium levels in check. Iranian figs also contain adequate levels of calcium, to support bone and teeth health. They also have iron, the mineral that ensures we stay energized by delivering oxygen-rich blood cells throughout our bodies.

Ideas for Using Iranian Figs

These figs are a sweet and natural snack that is wonderful on its own, or alongside other foods. Try them chopped and stirred into oatmeal or hot cereal. Dried figs are also delicious with ricotta cheese and used as a topper for toast. They make a sweet addition to sandwiches and wraps. Served alongside other dried fruit, cheese, and nuts, these figs are an exquisite appetizer. They are wonderful in baking; add them to your recipes for scones, muffins, and breads. For a boost of fiber and minerals, dried figs are delectable atop salads and pastas. We’re sure you’ll find a wide variety of uses for them!

Nutritional Value
unit Nutrient Value/100g Principle
Kcal 249 Energy
g 64 Carbohydrates
g 3 Protein
g 0.1 Saturated Fat
g 0 Trans Fat
g 1 Total Fat
g 48 Sugars
mg 0 Cholesterol
g 10 Dietary Fiber
mg 10 Sodium (Na)
mg 0 Potassium (K)
mg 0 Calcium (Ca)