Dried figs

Figs are one of fruits that are used a lot in Iran. Due to its medicinal and therapeutic nutritional values, figs will be consumed both fresh and dried. This fruit is delicious and full of properties in different types of best-selling products produced by Armani dry fruit. In this article, we are trying to introduce you more to Armani dried figs and talk about its unique benefits, so stay with us until the end.



dried Fig is a fruit which its dried form is used more. Dried figs are rich in nutrients and minerals that are effective in treating many diseases. Also, dried fig contain vitamins B1, B2, iron, phosphorus, copper, etc. Dry figs have two types of light and dark colors. You can also buy dried figs in different packages from Armani.

Different classes of dried figs

There are different classes of dried figs in terms of size, quality and open or closed mouth, most of the best dried figs are Persian, in Iran they like open and large dry figs, but in Afghanistan, due to the drying methods, you don’t see the fig mouth and most importantly are big and color, at Armanifood we can produce all kinds of dried figs, just contact us for more information.


Dried figs (Parak)

Dried figs  (Parak) are Big , light color with wide open mouth which is very high quality. This product is very useful for the ancient Nowruz festival of Iranians. The coarseness and open mouth of dried figs in Iran is a sign of higher quality. The price of this product is higher because dried figs are of Persian origin.

Dried figs AAA

Like Parak, AAA dried figs are big, but about 25%-30% less open-mouthed. The Middle East market likes this dry fig.

Dried figs AA101

The color of this fig is yellow and white, and its size is a little smaller than aaa. The size of this class of dried figs is about 22 mm.

Dried figs AA

AA dry fig is about 25%-30% more close mouths than AA 101, but it is similar in terms of size and quality.

dried Fig A

Class A figs are a bit darker but taste good, most of these figs are closed mouth. European and American consumers like this product more.


Nutrition facts

As you know, figs are a well-known source of nutrition that has a lot of vitamins C and K, as well as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, fiber, etc. Dried figs have less water, so they contain more minerals and vitamins than fresh figs in a same weigh sample. Despite its sweetness and sugar, this fruit helps to lose weight.

Some of dried fig benefits

Figs can usually be consumed in two forms, fresh and dry, and in any case, you will benefit from its unique properties. Most people consume dried figs more and have more desire to use them vs fresh form. In the following, we will mention some of benefits of dry figs for the body:

  • Rich in fiber
  • A source of calcium
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Removes harmful estrogens from the body
  • Contains strengthening oxidants
  • Eliminates skin diseases


Types of bulk dried figs

In addition to the great taste, dried figs also have unique properties. It is also planted in different types and is available in the market. Therefore, the types of dried fig will include the following:

Black fig

Black fig is actually known as the superhero among fruits due to its unique taste and many benefits. As its name suggests, this fruit turns black when ripe and has more antioxidants than other types of figs.

Yellow fig

This type of fig is also very popular and has excellent properties. Such as prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Date-like fig

This type of fig has a dark color and has good taste and quality. Date-like figs have a softer skin and are mostly used for syrups and jams.

The price of dried figs

As you know, there are different types of dried figs, the price of which depends on its type and quality. Also, the packaging, weight, size and color of dry figs are also effective in its price. With these interpretations, a fixed price for dried fig cannot be considered. However, from the article on the price of dried fruit, you can find out about the latest price of the product on the mentioned dates or contact us.

Methods of producing dried figs

Preparation and production of dried figs is done in different ways. The first and most common method of producing dried fig is using sunlight. But it may not be possible to dry figs in homes or major gardens due to various reasons. Therefore, nowadays, according to health or weather conditions, dry fig are mostly produced in factories. The methods of producing dry fig are as follows.

Dry fig flakes

This type is actually made from the fruit of a special type of fig tree, which is bigger than other types. Due to its low production, it has a higher price than other types of figs.

Sun-dried figs

This type of fig is dried by sunlight. This method is done in two steps:

The figs are placed on the surface and the place called eshpang, or they are threaded and made into a rosary shape and placed in front of the direct sunlight to dry completely.

In the factory, the figs are coated with a substances to make the drying process faster, then they will place the figs in front of the hot air flow.

estahban dried figs

main Armani Food’s original dried figs are from Estehban, the best fig-growing city in Iran with a world reputation. No sugar, no additives with great quality and taste.

Kermanshahi dry figs

This type of fig is boiled with water and sugar to dry, then the figs are placed in front of the hot air stream to dry. At Armani, we produce this type of product in limited quantities for custom orders.


To which countries do we export dried figs?

Dried figs are highly regarded because of the high amount of vitamins they have. This fruit is widely used not only in Iran but also in other countries. In recent years, the export of dried figs with the best quality to Turkey and Vietnam and of course other neighboring countries is carried out by Armani company.


Some uses of dried figs

As you know, dry figs are effective in treating some problems and diseases due to the presence of various vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, all people in different cases, including providing nutrients to the body or preventing some Problems can consume dried figs. Among the uses of this tasty and useful fruit, the following can be mentioned:

  • Sore throat treatment
  • Increases bone health
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Regulates of body hormones
  • Prevents cancer
  • Helps strengthen the digestive system
  • Effects in weight loss

Some other Uses in foods and dishes

Dried figs can be used in many cases and have many uses. Dry figs are mostly used in drinking syrup in the hot seasons. But in some cases, they consume it as a snack or make it as a jam and eat it as a healthy and nutritious breakfast.


As we mentioned, figs are one of the wonderful fruits that have many uses. Fig is a nourishing fruit available in different types of production and in the market. Figs can be used fresh and dry, and the dry type is used more in different seasons. In this article, we mentioned some points related to dried figs, we hope that it will be of your interest. To prepare this product completely organically, you can visit the Armani Food website and buy everything you need at the best price.

wholesale dried figs

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