Dried Garlic Flakes

Dried garlic flakes are one of the most widely used products for flavoring food worldwide. They find applications in food factories, from ready meal manufacturers to mixed spice producers.

Manufacturer of Dried Garlic Flakes

Armani Food holds the distinction of being a leading manufacturer of dried garlic flakes for several consecutive years. Additionally, we are among the largest exporters of dried garlic globally. At Armani Food, we offer three types of dried garlic: slices, flakes, granules, and powder. Drawing from our extensive experience in exporting to various countries, we tailor our dry garlic flakes to suit the unique taste preferences of each market. Whether you require garlic flakes with specific moisture levels, minimal damage, or customized sizes, we can accommodate your needs. Feel free to request a sample for confirmation, and rest assured that our cargo will match the sample precisely.

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Flakes of Iranian Dry Garlic (Hamadan Garlic): A Key Source for Armani Food’s Production

Hamadan, one of Iran’s cities, boasts a world-renowned reputation for its garlic. Armani Food sources its dry garlic flakes from fresh garlic grown in Hamadan. We employ cutting-edge drying and grinding technologies to ensure the highest quality dried garlic.

Bulk Dry Garlic Flakes

For wholesale needs, reach out to Armani Food for bulk dried garlic flakes. You can purchase our products in large quantities and retail them as needed. If your food industry production line requires flavorful garlic flakes, Armani Food will produce and deliver them to you.contact us.


Export of Flakes Dry Garlic

In the export sector, Armani Food has successfully shipped flakes dried garlic to China too.its so amazing for us because China is one of the largest producers of dried garlic. Given the distinct aromas and tastes of garlic varieties across different regions worldwide, Armani stands out as a premier producer of dry Iranian garlic.

Exporting Dried Garlic Flakes to Russia

Russia holds a special place for Armani Food, and it has become one of our favorite destinations. The proximity in distance, ease of export, shared culinary preferences, and excellent bilateral relations have contributed to the majority of Armani Food’s exports being directed to Russia. Notably, our distinctive and special services include the possibility of door-to-door delivery to factories or warehouses in Moscow.

dehydrated garlic flakes for Corporate Purchasing Managers

Armani dehydrated garlic flakes presents an excellent opportunity for purchasing managers in the food industry. Our dedicated team is ready to process your order with utmost precision, ensuring that the product meets your expectations.

Private Label

For companies planning to sell dry garlic under their own brand, Armani Food offers a unique feature: delivering dried flakes garlic with customized labels.

Wholesale Price of Dry Flakes Garlic

Armani dry garlic boasts a significantly lower price than competitors in the global market. The favorable exchange rate between the dollar and the Iranian Rial contributes to our cost-effectiveness. Despite the lower labor costs, our dried garlic quality remains completely competitive with the most famous global brands.


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dried minced garlic in bulk

Garlic, with its pungent aroma and rich flavor, is a beloved ingredient in cuisines around the world. When it comes to convenience and versatility, bulk dried minced garlic takes center stage,we sale dried minced garlic in bulk with best quality. Slice, flakes or minced garlic means the sizes that are common in the market and among people. At Armani Food, dried garlic is available in any size, chopped or ground, and also with your desired moisture level.

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