Export of Dried Figs to Russia

Export of dried figs to Russia along with wholesale price, market capacity review and introduction of Armani Food.

the export of dried figs to Russia presents exciting opportunities for both exporters and consumers. By focusing on quality, pricing, and efficient logistics, the fig industry can continue to thrive in this promising market.

Russian Dried Fig Sales Market

Russia has emerged as a significant market for dried fig. The demand for this nutritious and versatile fruit has been steadily increasing in the country. As consumers become more health-conscious, dried fig have found their way into Russian households, both as a standalone snack and as an ingredient in various culinary creations.

Exporter of Bulk Dried Figs to Russia

Several countries participate in the export of bulk dried figs to Russia. Among the key exporters are Turkey, Greece, and Iran. These nations have well-established fig production and processing industries, allowing them to meet the growing demand in the Russian market. Armanifood is the main exporter of dried figs from Iran to Russia.

Export of Iranian Dried Figs to Russia

Iran, with its favorable climate for fig cultivation, plays a crucial role in supplying dried figs to Russia. Iranian figs are known for their quality, taste, and nutritional value. The export process involves careful packaging, transportation, and compliance with international standards. The excellent trade relations between Russia and Iran, as well as the close distance and the common goals and tastes of all facilitate the export of Iranian dry figs to Russia. Armani Food has established a system of loyal customers in Russia and continues to seek to find more markets for mutual benefit in this country.

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Wholesale Price list of Dried Figs for Export to Russia

Pricing is a critical factor in the export of dried figs. Exporters must strike a balance between competitive pricing and maintaining product quality. Factors such as crop yield, processing costs, and market dynamics influence the final price. Russian importers seek cost-effective options without compromising on fig quality. Armanifood have the best price with high quality. Our suggestion is to get in touch with our experts through communication channels to know the price of the day and purchase advice.


ARMANIFOOD Dry Figs Wholesale Price List for Export to Russia 2024 (Iran Dry Figs price list)

# Items USD/kg
1 Parak Dried Figs 11.1
2 AAA Dried Figs 5.85
3 AA101 Dried Figs 6.57
4 AA Dried Figs 4.57
5 A Dried Figs 3.6


* The price of wholesale dried figs can vary according to the order volume, quality and other factors. For detailed price inquiries, contact our experts through communication channels.

+989127366170 – +989120843367

(+98 21) 26143656 – (+9821)26146708

Email: info[at]armanifood.com

Moscow Factory Door Delivery System for dried figs

Efficient logistics are essential for successful fig exports to Russia. Armanifood as exporter offer a factory door delivery system, especially for bulk orders. Moscow, being a major distribution hub, benefits from streamlined Armani transportation networks.

As Armanifood, a reputable manufacturer of dried figs, you have a golden opportunity to tap into the thriving market for dried fruits in Russia. Let’s explore why importing dried figs to Russia from Armanifood is a win win strategic.

Growing Demand

Russia is a prime market for premium dried fruits, including figs. The demand for dried fruits has surged across Europe, and Russia stands out as a significant importer.

Superior Quality

Iranian dried fruits, including figs, enjoy a stellar reputation in Russian markets due to their superior quality, flavor, and competitive pricing.

Economic Value

Dried fruits offer higher economic value compared to fresh counterparts, making them sought-after commodities in international trade.

Hygiene Standards

Adherence to stringent hygiene standards in packaging enhances the appeal of Iranian dried fruits among consumers.

You as an importer dried figs, you can leverage Armanifood strengths to succeed in the Russian market:

Product Portfolio

Armanifood offers a wide array of dried fruits, including figs, persimmon, plum, apricot, and more. This diverse range caters to the varied demands of international buyers.

Quality Assurance

Armanifood’s reputation for producing high-quality dried fruits positions it well in European countries, with Russia being a pivotal market.

Consistent Supply

Armanifood guarantees bulk requirements for dried fruits, ensuring a steady supply and uncompromising quality.

private label and white label

We have a white label or private label system, which means that if you plan to sell our dried fig under your own brand, there is a possibility of boxes with a white label or a special label without the brand name.

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