Onion powder

Onion powder is made by grinding dry onion. This flavoring is one of the most important components of many food industry products. High-quality onion powder is a seasoning with an strong taste and a spicy smell.

Among the uses of onion powder, these are more common:

  • Meat products (hamburgers, sausages and bologna)
  • Sauce and dressing
  • Flavorings agents
  • Seasonings and mixed spices


Considering what race of onion to use, white onion powder and yellow onion powder are two common types of this product. One of the most important challenges in the production and use of this product is first purity and second non-clumping (non-stickiness). Over the years, Armani Food Company is considered as one of the most famous factories in the seasoning industry with the production of onion powder in high volume for various industries and purposes. The price of dried onion powder produced in this company is comparable and competitive with other market players.

Important points that you should know when buying quality onion powder.

The first parameter that you should pay attention to when buying onion powder is the taste of onion powder. To buy high-quality onion powder, you must taste it. The closer the taste of onion powder is to natural onions, the higher the quality.

The second parameter is the purity of onion powder. Pure onion powder should not contain any secondary substances or ingredients. In order to reduce the price of onion powder, many companies add starch, flour, breadcrumbs ,etc. with the justification that they want to prevent onion powder particles from clumping and sticking together. But there are other ways to prevent onion powder from clumping than adding lots of impurities. You should know that the impurity level of dried onion powder (like many other food industry products) can only be determined in the laboratory; But by tasting the onion powder, you can guess the percentage of impurity to some extent, which of course requires a lot of experience.

Therefore, there is no choice but to buy food products such as onion powder from a well-known and reliable manufacturer. Armani Food products have passed various tests and are free from impurities and unnecessary additives.

Right: Onion powder with anti-sticking agent that does not create impurities. Left: Pure onion powder that is clumped
Right: Onion powder with anti-sticking agent that does not create impurities. Left: Pure onion powder that is clumped

As the third parameter, one of the biggest concerns of companies and factories producing and packing spices and dry powders, after purification, is the problem of clumping. Onion powder also have this problem. Armani Food Company has solved this problem well. For information on how to prevent onion powder from clumping and sticking together, see this Instagram post.


Nutritional values of dried onion powder

Onion powder is rich in vitamins B, vitamins C and minerals such as calcium, iron and potassium. Onion powder is also rich in antioxidants.

Onion powder is very low in calories but has high nutritional value and has many benefits, which mention below:

Preventing infection in body

Bioactive components in onion powder and dry onion, can strengthen the immune system. Onion powder also prevents the attack and invasion of bacteria due to its antimicrobial and antibacterial characteristic and reduces the possibility of fungal and bacterial infections.

Cold and cough treatment

onion powder is also antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. This property is very effective in treating colds, reducing coughs and influenza. Onion powder can also be used in the treatment of asthma.

Reducing the risk of cancer

Antioxidant quercetin in onion powder reduces the possibility of cancer, including stomach and colon cancer.

Diabetes control

There are compounds of sulfur in onion powder, which prevents the increase of blood sugar and increases the level of insulin in the blood, thus reducing the symptoms of diabetes such as fatigue, sudden hunger and frequent urination.

Improving the performance and health of the heart

Onion powder acts as antioxidant and improves heart function, prevents blood clots in the veins, and reduces heart disease.

Improving bone health

Onion powder is source of calcium. Increasing calcium in the body reduces the possibility of bone fractures. So, continuous use of onions improves bone density and prevents osteoporosis.

Increasing hair growth and quality

Onion powder is very useful for strengthening hair roots due to its sulfur content. Methyl sulfide, which is an absorbable compound of sulfur, is very useful for hair growth and hair strengthening. The pungent smell in onions is also due to the presence of sulfur.

Onion powder also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and prevents the growth of lice and can also prevent dandruff.


onion powder is often used in cooking as a food seasoning, but it is better to know that this amazing plant has many benefits and is used in the treatment of diseases, including cancer, heart problems, headaches, blood pressure, preventing infections and hair loss. It is effective.

Therefore, include this incredible seasoning in your diet to take advantage of its various benefits.