Tomato powder

Tomato powder is the product of grinding dry tomatoes and one of the ingredients of food industries products. For creating wonderful color in the food, this additive has a very attractive sour taste and can replace fresh tomatoes. Replacing tomato powder with fresh tomatoes has several important reasons: longer shelf life, less occupation in warehouse, price stability, easier use in industry and cooking, and easier transportation. These reasons have made many industries and restaurants to use tomato powder instead of fresh tomatoes.

Among the uses of tomato powder, these can be mentioned:

– Meat products (hamburgers, sausages and bologna)

– Sauce and dressing manufacturing

– Flavorings

– Seasoning and mixed spices


Tomato powder does not have any special types or categories. One of the most important challenges in producing this product is its purity and color. Unlike the color of tomatoes, which is completely red, after grinding dry tomatoes, tomato powder turns reddish orange. At Armani Food, over the years of experience and using special grinding machines, the final product with the best taste and the best color is produced without any additives or artificial colors, and it is proudly distributed in export packages with Armani Food brand. One of the most important advantages of Armani Food Company is the possibility of producing tomato powder in high volume. So, many food industry factories procure tomato powder and other main spices they need directly from Armani Food Company.

Each kilogram of tomato powder is made from to 20 kilograms of fresh tomatoes
Each kilogram of tomato powder is made from to 20 kilograms of fresh tomatoes

Important tips for buying excellent tomato powder

The first parameter that you should pay attention to when buying tomato powder is the taste of tomato powder. Tomato powder should taste like tomato itself more or less. Sour and attractive taste. Always taste before buying spices. Hold some tomato powder in your mouth for a few seconds to make it release its taste and cover the entire surface of the tongue. The closer the taste of tomato powder is to natural tomatoes and ketchup, the higher the quality of the powder.


The second parameter is color. How red the color of the product is, is a sign of the quality and freshness of the product. Tomato powder and dried tomatoes are sensitive to sunlight and intense light changes their color. The best color for tomato powder is reddish orange.

Unfortunately, some producers of tomato powder add salt to product to reduce the price, and some others grind pomegranate peel and mix it with tomato powder to create a better color and lower price. So always buy spices and dry herb powders from reputable companies.

Right: less quality tomato powder, left: excellent tomato powder
Right: less quality tomato powder, left: excellent tomato powder

Some nutrition values of tomato powder:

Blood pressure control

If you have high blood pressure, you can adjust the amount of sodium and potassium in the blood by consuming tomato powder. Tomato powder with high potassium and low sodium regulates and lowers blood pressure.

Good protection of the skin

Tomato powder, like fresh tomatoes, is rich in antioxidants and nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, folate, vitamin A and C. Vitamin C has an antioxidant role and is a very good protector for the skin.

Lycopene also is an antioxidant and is present in large quantities in tomato powder. Lycopene protects the body against free radicals. It is also a good protection for the face skin against sunlight.


Riboflavin present in tomato powder plays a role in energy production and makes cell functions better.

Rich in fiber

Tomato powder is rich in fiber so facilitates bowel movements and makes defecation easier, also prevents constipation and prevents hemorrhoids or reduces its complications.

Strengthening immunity system

Tomato powder has vitamin A, and this vitamin, in addition to strengthening the immune system, helps eye and skin health.

Prostate cancer prevention

According to studies conducted on prostate cancer, consuming tomatoes or tomato powder continuously, significantly reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

So, Tomato powder is used to give better taste and color to food. It can be used in various soups, pasta, pizza, sauces and dressings.