Custom Order Dried Fruits and Nuts

If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, or if you have a request for a product with special features such as moisture percentage, mesh size, etc., please send us a message. Armani Food is a supplier, producer and manufacturer of a wide variety of dried fruits, vegetables, and nuts available in whole, sliced, granulated, powdered, diced, minced, flaked and etc.

Our existing products are produced to meet customer needs and market demands, and we are equipped to produce new products based on your specifications. We eagerly await your inquiries.



If you don’t find the product you’re looking for in our list, please use the form below to tell us exactly what you need, including the desired quantity. We will respond to you as soon as possible to let you know whether we can fulfill your request. Additionally, we will provide you with the best suggestions and advice.

    b2b supplier dried fruits and vegetables

    Armani Food specializes in producing dried fruits and vegetables, and supplying nuts. We operate on a B2B basis, with the majority of our products being exported.

    Many esteemed food factories incorporate our products into their offerings or market them under their own brands. Beyond what is listed on our website, we possess the capability to produce a diverse range of dried fruits and vegetables.

    customer oriented products

    For instance, should you require dried garlic with a low moisture content and in a specific form, such as a filling, we can accommodate such production. This flexibility sets us apart from other vendors and is particularly beneficial for those seeking unique products.


    Our sun-dried fruits are exceptionally high-quality, thanks to our collaboration with the finest gardeners in Iran. Even if a fruit is absent from our list, we can procure it, ensuring unparalleled quality and value.

    nuts supplier

    Regarding nuts, we are renowned for supplying Iranian nuts of superlative quality. Our extensive experience in exports allows us to meet the specific standards required by different regions and countries, including pistachios, Iranian almonds, dried figs, and more.


    Armanifood Packaging dry fruits offers 5 kg and 10 kg cartons, but we can also customize our packing according to your preferences.Also as a wholesaler and producer of Armanifood, we have a great option to provide private label and white label dried fruit for customers who want to sell with their own brand easily too.