Export of dried fruits to Malaysia

dried fruits for Malaysia is one of the markets with high potential. Armani Food is one of the largest dried fruits manufacturers in Iran, most of its products are exported to other countries.

Exporting whole dried fruit to Malaysia

Whole dried fruit means that the fruits are collected and washed and pitted if needed, then they are dried in the same way. Products such as dried apricots, dried figs, wet figs, pitted prunes, etc. are all produced and sold in bulk at Armani Food.

sliced dry fruit wholesale for Malaysia

Sliced dried fruits are a special bonus as they contain the aroma and taste of fruits and are easy to transport and store. For the Malaysian market, Armani Food has the ability to export a variety of dried fruit sliced. including dried apples, dried strawberries, dried kiwi, dried oranges (Thomson and Bloody), dried sliced plums, etc.

Dried fruit powder and granules for the Malaysian market

Armani Food has a special expertise in the production of dry fruit powder and granules. Most of these products are sold B2B for the use of food and pharmaceutical factories. We have a history of exporting these products to different countries and we can produce with any degree of moisture and mesh.


Wholesale price of dried fruit for Malaysia

The wholesale price of dried fruit for export to Malaysia can be completely different depending on the volume of the order, quality, etc. If you wish, you can contact us through communication channels to inquire about the price of bulk dried fruit for export to Malaysia according to your order.

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Email: info[at]armanifood.com

Iranian dried fruit for export to Malaysia

As one of the countries rich in fruits and vegetables with cheaper labor than other countries, Iran is one of the main exporters of dried fruits to the world market. Armani Food has played a prominent role in this field and has been the leading exporter of dried fruit for consecutive years. Due to good relations with Iran, Malaysia is one of Armani Food’s main markets for dry fruit exports.


Selling dried fruit to Malaysia in bulk

Selling dried fruit to Malaysia in bulk can be a very profitable business considering that many fruits are not shared between the two countries due to the climate. On the other hand, the taste and aroma of fruits are different due to this.

Private label and white label

Armani Food has a special option to sell as white label or private label. This is a special help for traders who intend to sell our quality dried fruit under their own brand. Even now, many prominent brands are using our products.

Sending samples and guaranteeing the same quality

If needed, it is possible to send dried fruit samples of the product you are considering to Malaysia. We also guarantee that your entire order will be the same as the sample sent.

B2B trade of dry fruit for Malaysia

It is possible to trade with Armani Food on a B2B basis for all types of dried fruit to Malaysia. (whole, sliced, granulated and powdered). We are looking forward to your cooperation proposals to export dry fruit to Malaysia.

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