Dried Coconut

Drying coconut is one of the most common ways to preserve this extremely useful and nutritious fruit. As you know, it is usually difficult to find a fresh coconut in Iran so, drying can always be a great way to preserve it. On the other hand, drying these fruits makes them smaller and lighter when you eat, so can be consumed in larger quantities. As a result nutrients in the coconut can be consumed more and will help you and your body more.


Nutritional value table of dried coconut

Based on researches in the field of various substances found in foods and fruits, dried coconut contains the following amounts of calories, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, phosphorus, manganese, potassium and iron per 100 grams.

calories 650
Fat 65 grams
carbohydrate 25 grams
sugar 7 grams
phosphorus 21% of the daily requirement
Manganese 137% of the daily requirement
potassium 16% of the daily requirement
iron 18% of the daily requirement


Magical benefits of dried coconut

The benefits of dried coconut are countless. First of all, you should know that you can use it both orally and topically for skin dryness. People who had high blood cholesterol can use dried coconut to strengthen the arteries and improve the condition of the blood vessels.

In addition, anemia can be well covered by the large amounts of iron and manganese in this unique fruit. Look again at the table above, each 100 grams of dried coconut can provide up to 137% of daily requirement of the manganese.

People who suffer from body absorption problems, intestinal syndrome, colitis, Crohn’s, celiac disease, etc. can use this amazing fruit to improve the body’s absorption. Daily calories requirement of those whose main food prohibition is prescribed will be completely provided by coconut. Coconut is rich in all kinds of minerals, carbohydrates, protein, phosphorus and manganese. People who suffer from iron deficiency and are unable to find fresh fruit, can use dried coconut which has a better taste than its fruit.

Types of dried coconuts in the world market

Generally, all kinds of dried coconuts are dried in the form of round chips, And unlikely of many fruits, keeps most of the nutritious values of their fresh type. The methods of drying this extraordinary non-native fruit are divided into these three general methods:

In the first method, the fruit picked from the tree and skinned and its appendages will be separated from it usually with a knife. After that, fresh coconut cut into pieces and placed in drier. But for home use, a large container is needed. Depending on how juicy the fruit is, it is exposed to sun light, oven and driers.

Armani is one of the biggest companies who produces all kinds of dried fruits and also a reliable distributor approved by the monitoring organizations and the Ministry of Health. This company provides all kinds of dried fruits, including coconuts, with quality grade A, both in bulk and in small quantities. It is possible to prepare and order directly through our contact page. Also, in another page, there is an article titled dried fruit price, which you can use to get information about order details.


Countries exports this dried fruit

As you know, this fruit is more than an edible thing, therefore, many countries are interested in exporting and planting it, the climatic conditions do not allow many lands to do so. But on the other hand, it should be noted that dried coconut has wonderful benefits and is also very profitable from a commercial point of view. This makes the countries who export its raw fruit, lead the field of dried type trade. However, dried coconut has wonderful benefits that we discussed in detail in a part of this text. Indonesia, Philippines, India and Sri Lanka and Brazil are the most prominent and important coconut exporters in the world.

Some usage of dried coconut in different foods

One of the most important applications of dried coconuts is in baking sweets and cakes. You can add coconut powder to the dough for flavor, and use dried coconut for decoration. Also, the texture of the dried type has a much better taste than the fresh fruit. So if you don’t like the taste of fresh coconut, we suggest that you try the dried fruit for once. If you intend to buy dry coconut, make sure to do it from reputable centers and under well-known labels. As we mentioned, Armani is one of the prominent wholesalers in dried fruits, including coconuts, oranges, etc.

Where to use

Of course, as we mentioned, this fruit has unique benefits that if we want to talk about it, we will need a long article. But it is necessary to briefly mention that all kinds of dried coconut samples can be effective in the treatment of arthritis, severe anemia, digestive problems and the treatment of infertility in men. Those who want to get rid of the fat around their stomach, or involved in autoimmune problems, or those who want to protect their bodies from all kinds of cancer and dangerous diseases in crowded cities, can definitely count on this fruit.


Wholesale sale of dried coconut

We offer desiccated coconut in wholesale to customers who want to save money and time by buying in wholesale. Desiccated coconut with wholesale price and moisture grade option and white label for retail salers or wholesalers and food factory.

Russian export dried coconut

We have a reliable and fast delivery service that can send dried coconut to any destination in the world, especially Russia, where we have a strong market presence and loyal customer base. We also have a friendly and professional customer support team that can answer any questions or concerns you may have about our products or services.

Bulk dry coconut

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