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Wholesale dried fruit prices of Iran for export and import

Production and sale of wholesale dried fruits

Fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, kiwis, apricots, etc. can be dried, so you can buy a variety of dried fruits. Wholesale production and sale of dried fruits in Tehran and other provinces of IRAN is done in this regard. What is the price of wholesale dried fruits in Iran? And what factors does it depend on? What are the production methods of dried fruits? And is it possible to export different kinds of dried fruits to different parts of the world or not?

Consumption of dried fruit in Iran is much higher than 5 years ago. This product is currently in the dried fruit basket of many families. The prices of dried fruits in Iran nut  shops are very different from each other, but the wholesale price of Armani Company, which is one of the largest producers of dried fruits in Iran, is fixed for every city and every store. One of the most important factors influencing the final price of this product is the quality and purchase volume of this product. The better and fresher the dried fruit, the higher the price. If you are going to import dried fruits from IRAN, then your purchase volume is high and its selling price will be lower for you.

Wholesale and retail prices of dried fruits

For example in the year 2012 the wholesale price of the best dried persimmon food is 180,000 Tomans per kilo, But the wholesale price of Iran Grand Bazaar also reaches 235,000 Tomans. Or, for example, the best quality of Armani Food dried kiwi is 180,000 Tomans per kilogram; But the price of dried kiwi in the nut shops of Tehran is about 290,000 Tomans (The prices are just for example to show difference between retail and wholesale prices).

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Factors affecting the price of dried fruit In Iran and middle east

The type of dried fruit is the most important factor in the final price of this product. For example dried persimmons. Northern Iran persimmon is cheaper than persimmon in Kan village (a Village near Tehran). But the difference between the two products is not only in price. Dried persimmon of Karaj and Kan region is much sweeter and more colorful than northern of Iran persimmon.

The price of Pakistani dried bananas is cheaper than Ecuadorian dried bananas. The difference between Ecuadorian dried bananas and Indian and Pakistani dried bananas in yellow color and sweet taste is obvious. Always keep in mind when buying dried fruit that the seller must have complete control over his product and inform his buyer of what he is buying. In products such as wholesale dried kiwi, the price difference is more in the size and amount of sorting and uniformity of dried fruit. The more beautiful and uniform the fruit slices, the higher the price.

Wholesale price of dried fruit and its effective factors in IRAN

In general, keep in mind that the wholesale price of dried fruit in Iran and in general in whole world has always been more expensive than fresh fruit. The reason is also related to the large volume of dried fruit compared to fresh fruit and other factors that have made dried fruits more expensive than fresh fruit.

Fruit production season

The wholesale price of dried fruit can change depending on the season of natural and fresh fruit production. In such a way that if the season is related to that fresh fruit, And fruit to be available in the market; The price of wholesale dried fruit is reasonable. But whatever passes the season of that fruit, And natural fruit is not available in the market; Gradually, the price of that particular fruit also increases. As the demand for wholesale dried fruit is increasing, therefore, due to the long lifetime of dried fruit, You can eat any fruit in any season of the year.

Type of dried fruit packaging

The type of packaging can also affect the wholesale price. In addition to selling wholesale dried fruit, And due to the observance of hygienic principles, dried fruits are sold in various packages. Packaging can affect the wholesale price of dried fruit, both in terms of volume and weight, as well as the quality of packaging in various forms. You can buy dried fruits in packages of kraft bags, binding cover containers in different shapes, inlay containers and aluminum wrappers, the price of each type and quality of packaging is different.

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Prices of natural and fresh fruit

The price of the same natural and fresh fruit can also affect the price of dried fruit. In this way, if natural fruits can be bought at reasonable prices before drying; Of course, you can also buy dried fruit of the same fruit at reasonable prices. But the higher the price of natural and fresh fruit; The wholesale price of dried fruit of that particular fruit also increases significantly. The ideal situation for dried fruit production is that the garden or agricultural land is as close as possible to the dried fruit production factory. Because shipping costs go down, which means lower costs and cheaper dried fruit.

Different stores

The wholesale prices of dried fruits in Tehran and other provinces of IRAN are different. Because the price of fruit is not the same in every city. On the other hand, any of the shops and producers of dried fruits, even if they are in the same city; But still offer different prices to their customers according to their conditions. It is better to inquire from different centers and stores before buying, And get to the store you want to buy dried fruit.

Currency flactuations

Currency fluctuations in the country are another factor affecting the major price of dried fruit. For tropical fruits including bananas, mangoes, pineapples and coconuts, currency prices are the main and determining factor.

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