Lemon Powder

Armani Food wholesale dried lemon powder with excellent quality and can compete with any brand at a very reasonable price, it is possible to change the moisture percentage, mill size, etc. Even with skin or without skin and whatever shape you need.
To know the price of lemon powder in the volume you are considering, contact us through communication channels.


Armani Food, your trusted purveyor of the finest Lemon Powder, invites you to experience the zest of nature in its most convenient form. Our bulk Lemons Powders is not just a product. it’s a promise of excellence and affordability.

We take pride in offering customizable solutions, from moisture levels to particle size, ensuring that our Lemon Powders perfectly aligns with your culinary aspirations and business needs.

Grading Spectrum of Our Lemon Powder

A Grade

A symphony of lightness and aroma, our A Grade Powder is the epitome of quality for the discerning palate.

B Grade

Balancing cost-effectiveness with superior quality, our B Grade is the ideal choice for business-to-business transactions and large-scale retail.

C Grade

Robust and rich, the C Grade is designed for those who crave intensity in flavor and a vibrant hue in their creations.


Grinding grade bulk dried lemon

Armani Food’s Lemon Powder is meticulously crafted to cater to a variety of needs, offering distinct mesh sizes that range from fine to coarse, ensuring the perfect texture for your specific application.

Fine Mesh lemon powder

Our fine mesh Lemon Powder is as delicate as a whisper, ideal for applications requiring a smooth consistency. It’s perfect for dusting onto confections or blending into sauces and dressings, where a subtle infusion of lemon essence is desired without altering the texture.

Medium Mesh lemon powder

The versatile choice, our medium mesh Lemon Powder offers a balance between coarseness and fineness. This all-rounder is suitable for a broad spectrum of uses, from baking to beverage mixes, providing a consistent lemon flavor that’s noticeable yet not overpowering.

Coarse Mesh lemon powder

For those who seek a robust presence in their culinary creations, our coarse mesh Lemon Powder delivers. With its larger granules, it imparts a strong lemony punch and a slightly textured feel, making it ideal for rubs, marinades, and other applications where a bold lemon flavor is the star.
Each mesh size is designed to provide the optimal lemon experience, whether you’re aiming for a subtle hint or a strong zesty kick. With Armani Food’s Powder, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect mesh size to match the demands of your factory, kitchen, or product line.


granulated dried lemon

Wholesale Opportunities with ArmaniFood Seeking Lemon Powder in large quantities?

Armani Food delivers not only competitive prices but also the promise of uncompromised quality. Embrace the opportunity to brand our exceptional product as your own through our private and white labeling options. Choose Armani Food for your wholesale dried powder needs, and enjoy the benefits of our versatile product offerings, including tailored moisture content and mesh sizes.

Private Label and White Label

Our white label service empowers you to introduce our premium Lemons Powders to the global market under your esteemed brand, paving the way for international success.


Business-to-Business Lemon Powders

Solution Armani Food’s Iranian Lemon Powders is more than just a flavor; it’s a legacy. Ideal for culinary innovation or enhancing your product line, our Lemons Powder is the secret ingredient used by champions. Savor the legendary taste that has made Armani Food a staple in food factories across Iran and a favored exporter to Russia and Saudi Arabia , Malaysia and etc.
We eagerly anticipate expanding our reach and invite inquiries, Mail us about the preferred Lemon Powder varieties in your region.

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The benefits of Dried Lemon Fruit Powder

Our dried Lemons Fruit Powder transcends mere flavor, offering a wealth of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s a smart choice for those seeking to enrich their diet with a zesty twist while bolstering their immune system and promoting digestive wellness.


Incorporating Lemon Powder into Daily Life

Unleash the potential of lemons in your everyday culinary ventures. A sprinkle of our dried Lemon Fruit Powders can revitalize your morning beverages, enhance your baking, and add a burst of freshness to your breakfasts, regardless of the season.

Lemon Powder in Skincare

The magic of our Lemon Powder extends to skincare, where its antioxidant properties can be harnessed to craft rejuvenating homemade skincare solutions, illuminating your natural beauty.

Dried vs. Fresh

A Nutritional Comparison While drying lemons concentrates their nutrients by reducing water content, our Lemon Powder retains the essential qualities of fresh lemons, offering a potent and convenient alternative available throughout the year.

Embrace the powders of lemons with Armani Food’s Lemons Powder, where quality meets versatility, and every grain carries the potential to transform.