Paprika Powder

Bulk paprika powder with excellent quality and reasonable price. Armani Food, a producer and exporter of all kinds of vegetable and spice powders, provides you with the possibility of personalizing the product from the moisture percentage to the mesh, as well as white and private labels. It is also possible to send samples and guarantee the same quality as the product.

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Elevate your culinary creations with the vibrant zest of Iranian Paprika Powder—the secret ingredient that’s taking the food industry by storm! This robust seasoning isn’t just a flavor enhancer; it’s a revolution in your spice cabinet.

Why Iranian Paprika Stands Out:

With its aroma and rich color, Iranian dried Paprika Powder is the raw material that’s transforming kitchens worldwide.

Higher Vitamin C:

Bursting with vitamin C, our paprika powders boasts a nutritional profile that outshines its global counterparts.

Unmatched Flavor:

Experience a taste that’s not just strong, it’s authentic—a testament to the quality of our soil and sun.
Versatile Uses:
From pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, and from gourmet meats to exquisite sauces, our paprika powder is the versatile hero in an array of industries.

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Armani Food’s Commitment to customers :

Quality Assurance paprika powders

We don’t just promise quality; we prove it. Every batch of our dehydrated paprika powders undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our high standards.

Pure and Potent paprikas powders

Say goodbye to additives. Our paprika powder is 100% pure, delivering the true essence of paprika without any fillers.


Non-Clumping Perfectio (anti-cake)

Our state-of-the-art processing means you get a product that’s free-flowing and easy to use, every single time.

Meshing paprika powders

Since Armani Food is the producer of vegetables powder (spice), you can order it with any degree of grinding you want. Very fine to coarse grinding, we also have paprika granules.


Moisture percentage

The moisture percentage of paprika powder is another parameter that can be decisive according to your use. Don’t worry, we have the possibility of producing with your desired humidity in a reasonable order volume.


Discover the Grades of paprika powder

A Grade: Light and fragrant, this is the premium choice for those who demand the best.
B Grade: Good price with high quality , good choice for b2b or bulk to retail.
C Grade: Dark and intense, perfect for bold flavors and deep color infusion.

Wholesale Paprika Powder

Looking for bulk paprika powder? Armani Food offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Plus, with options for private and white labeling, you can make our standout product your own. Wholesale paprika powder with ArmaniFood Choose ArmaniFood for your wholesale dried powder needs. We promise exceptional quality at a price that makes sense. Our additional perks, like any moisture content, diverse mesh options, and customizable labeling, make us the go-to source for your bulk paprika powders requirements.

Whitelabel and private label Paprika Powder

Our white label service allows you to export our high-quality paprikas powders under your brand, ensuring you’re ready to conquer the global market.

B2B dry Paprika Powder

Choose Armani Food’s Iranian Paprikas Powder for a taste that’s not just good—it’s legendary. Whether you’re crafting the next big thing in the culinary world , work with us b2b or seeking the perfect blend for your products, our paprika powders is the choice of champions. Taste the difference today. Many food factories in Iran are customers of our paprikas powder. Also, we have a history of exporting paprika powders widely to Russia and Saudi Arabia. We are still interested in adding more countries to the list of destinations for Armani Food products. Email us what kind of paprika powder your country likes the most.