Wholesale dry fruits

wholesale Dry fruits for marketer, food-factory and big store. Dried fruits are one of the most popular and nutritious snacks in the world. They are fruits that have been dried to remove their water content, resulting in a concentrated source of natural sugars, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

wholesale supplier of dry fruit

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable supplier of dried fruits, you have come to the right place. We are a supplier of bulk dried fruits. offering a wide range of products such as figs, apricots, prunes, apples etc. We source our fruits from the best farms and producers around the world. and make sure they are fresh, high quality and delicious. Then we dry them with a mechanized process to the desired humidity level.



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All kinds of wholesale dry fruit products

Armanifood have all kinds of wholesale whole products, wholesale slices, bulk granules, bulk powder and bulk infusions for all kinds of fruits. We have size (jumbo , size1 , 2 … ), mesh (granules and powder), moisture level, roast level (for tea), peeled and unpeeled, etc. according to your needs. Few wholesellers in the world have this variety and possibility of personalization at this level. Our difference is being a manufacturer and specialized laboratories and years of experience.

Wholesale whole dry fruit

A whole dried fruit is a dried fruit that is properly dried after pitting. This product has many fans because of its visibility. Our 3 complete specialized products have gained a lot of attention in the world markets: dried apricots, pitted prune and wet figs.


Dried Apricots
pitted prune (Armani prune or California prune)
Pitted Prune

Sliced dried fruit wholesale

Dried fruit slices are among the most common types of dried fruit that include almost all fruit groups. With years of experience in this field. we have reached the best results and we even know the tastes of each country. But if you need a product with a specific moisture level or a specific size, this is possible for us.


Dry fruit powder and bulk granules

Dry fruit powder and granules of Armani Food are available with desired mesh, anti-cake, and the percentage of powder and granules from 100% powder to 100% granules, as well as grinding grade for export to different countries.we have large production line like mango powder , apricot powder , apple powder etc. The bulk sale of our dry fruit powder is aimed at food industries and food factories, especially baby food.



bulk dry fruit tea

Dried fruit tea is one of the new products of Armani Food, which was well received in the world market. If you wish, in addition to other options, the products can be customized according to your needs. Considering that there is no competitor with such excellent quality and price, these particular products can be a great clue to start our cooperation.

apple herbal tea

Wholesale price of dry fruits

We supply dried fruit in wholesale to customers who want to buy in bulk and save money. We have a competitive pricing policy that can match any budget and demand. The price varies according to the volume you request. This case shows itself more for special products because even if we don’t have every fruit you want, we will prepare it from the best sources and then dry it for you. dry fruits price list.

Bulk dry fruit delivery

Armanifood also have a fast and efficient delivery service that can ship your bulk order to any destination in the world, especially Russia, where we have a strong market presence and potential customers. and We also have a friendly and professional customer support team that can answer any questions or concerns you may have about our products or services. It is possible to consult, coordinate face-to-face and online meetings, send samples, product videos, inspectors during production, etc. for Armani Food wholesale dry fruits.

wholesale dry fruit from Iran (persian)

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable wholesale dry fruit supplier from Iran, you should check out our products. Armanifood are a supplier and exporter of persian dry fruits for wholesale and bulk. We source our dry fruits from the best farms in Iran, where they are grown organically and naturally. and use the most advanced and hygienic methods to process, pack, and ship our dry fruits. We ensure that our dry fruits are fresh, tasty, and safe for consumption.

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