Which countries are best manufacturers of dried fruits ?

In this article, we are going to introduce and compare the countries that suppliers and export dried fruit and also introduce the best producer and exporter of dried fruit in Iran.


Turkey dried fruit manufacturers

Turkey, as a civilized country with an oriental culture, attaches great importance to dried fruit, especially Turkish dried apricots. Many European countries buy their dried fruit from Turkey because of the short distance and high experience of this country.

Iran dried fruit manufacturers

Iran is one of the best countries for supplying dried fruit due to its suitable climate for fruit growing and also its long history in the dried fruit industry, which plays a role in the culture of this country.

The low price of manpower, the difference between the rial and the dollar, and the high quality of the products have provided an exceptional opportunity for global buyers. Unfortunately, packaging and not paying attention to international standards have set Iran back to a certain extent for the export of Iranian dried fruit, while the potential of this country for dried fruit is so high that it can stand at the top of the world on its own.

Export of dried fruits of Armani Food manufacturers

Armani Food, as one of Iran’s top producers and suppliers, with years of experience in this field, has created a tremendous development in the export of dried fruit, so that a significant share of Iran’s dried fruit export is specific to this brand. With any degree of humidity, any size, and the super delivery system, Armani Food is a global shortcut to the success and higher profits of global traders, especially Russia and Eastern European countries. The three special products of Armani Food are dried apricots, pitted prune, dried garlic, along with fruit powder and granules, which are now widely exported. Of course, other products such as apples, wet figs, etc. are also exported from our side and we have the ability to supply them.

dry fruit United States America manufacturers

There are few industries in the world where United States America does not have a say. Especially the California prune, which is a wonderful and very popular product. The relatively high price of dried fruit in America as well as the longer distance to export to Europe has made it a little difficult for European traders, but the standard and quality along with excellent advertising on the other hand have made America one of the top countries in this business.

Uzbekistan dried fruit manufacturers

Uzbekistan is one of the other countries that has slowly but steadily entered the dried fruit trade. After Iran and Turkey, the dried apricots of Uzbekistan are among the best-selling products, especially for the European market.

Thailand dry fruits manufacturers

Who denies the power of Thailand in the field of fruit, and of course, there is a lot to say about dried fruit. The distance is one of the reasons that has made Thailand a little difficult for the European market, but it has a lot to say about special dried fruits, especially the tropical ones of Thailand.

Chile, China, Germany, Spain, Holland and Italy can be mentioned among other countries supplying dried fruit.


How to Choose the Best Dried Fruit for Your Business

Dried fruit is a versatile and cost-effective ingredient that can enhance the taste, nutrition, and appearance of your food products. However, not all dried fruit products are the same. There are many factors that can affect the quality, safety, and suitability of dried fruit, such as the origin, the variety, the processing, the packaging, and the storage. Therefore, it is important to choose the best dried fruit for your business, based on your needs and preferences.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best dried fruit for your business:

Know your source

The source of the dried fruit is the country or region where the fruit is grown, harvested, and dried. The source can influence the flavor, color, texture, and nutrient content of the dried fruit, as well as the environmental and social impact of the production. You should look for a source that can provide you with high-quality, consistent, and sustainable dried fruit wholesale, and that can comply with the regulations and standards of your destination country.

Know your variety

The variety of the dried fruit is the type or species of the fruit that is dried, such as apricot, prune, fig, date, or raisin. The variety can influence the size, shape, sweetness, and moisture content of the dried fruit, as well as the availability and price of the product. You should look for a variety that can meet your specific requirements and expectations, and that can suit your target market and audience.


Know your packaging

The packaging of the dried fruit is the material or container that is used to store and transport the dried fruit, such as bags, boxes, jars, or cans. The packaging can influence the freshness, protection, and convenience of the dried fruit, as well as the attractiveness and appeal of the product. You should look for a packaging that can keep the dried fruit in optimal condition, and that can display the information, logo, and design of your brand.

Choosing the best dried fruit for your business can be a challenging task, but it can also be a rewarding one. By following these tips, you can find the best dried fruit supplier, product, and service that can fit your needs and preferences, and that can boost your business and your profits. Contact Armanifood today and discover why we are the best dried fruit supplier in Iran. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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