Price List of Dried Apricot Bulk

Dried apricot is one of the most specialized products of Armani Food. Armani Food is a high-grade dried fruit supplier, and most of its products are exported to other countries. We have three types of dried apricot products: whole, granulated, and powder.

Whole dried apricots price for bulk

Armani Food’s dried apricots are produced in different sizes and moisture levels depending on the customer’s needs. We also comply with sulfur standards and health food standards. This point is not seen in many local producers, and they are not even familiar with it. Price List of apricots start at 3.84 USD/KG.

Dried Apricot (size2)

Armani Food dried apricot powder wholesale price

Our dried apricot powder is supplied in bulk with different meshing capabilities and the desired moisture content of the customer. Food factories, bakeries, children’s products, etc. need fruit powder, especially apricot. Our dried apricot powder has anti-caking and anti-clumping capabilities and is suitable for long-term storage. price list of apricot powder start from 3.75 USD/KG.

Dried apricot granules price

Sliced or chopped dried apricots with or without powder are sold by Armani Food for direct or indirect food use. One of the most popular breakfasts in Russia is a mixture of dried apricots and pitted prunes. We also have this product. granulated apricot bulk price start at 3.84 USD/KG.

Wholesale price of dried apricot products (whole – granules – powder)

The price of Armanifood dried apricot products is much lower than international competitors. But this has nothing to do with quality, and we are ready to compete with all prominent brands in terms of quality. The reason for this issue is the low price of production and labor, the low value of the Iranian rial compared to the dollar, as well as the unique sources of fruit due to Iran’s favorable climate.

dried apricot price list for export
# Items USD/kg
1 Whole Dried Apricot 3.84 – 5.58
2 70% your mesh + 30% Apricot Granules 3.84
3 100% sorted by your mesh Apricot Granules 5.62
4 Apricot Powders 3.75


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Dried apricots for export to Russia

As you can see from the content of our site, one of the main markets of Armanifood is Russia. We have excellent experience with Russian customers, and we easily cooperate with businessmen of this country due to the proximity of the two countries and excellent diplomatic relations. Businessmen of Russia can get their dried apricots at a much lower price from Iran instead of Turkey, and Armanifood, the best dried fruit producer in Iran, guarantees the quality.

dried apricot powder export to moscow.

Dried apricots for the Belarus market

Belarus is another of our favorite countries, where we have a lot of experience with businessmen of this country. Proximity and similar economic conditions have made Armanifood play the role of a reliable supplier in the field of dried apricot exports to Belarus. Most of our products are exported to this country as white labels.


Dried apricots specially exported to England

The British food market is one of the largest markets in the world. Although it is a bit difficult to convince traders to buy dried apricots from Iran instead of Turkey, our price and quality are considered a special advantage. We had the largest shipment of dried apricot samples to the UK in the last few months, and a reliable partnership could revolutionize the UK dried fruit market. Guaranteed quality and price from us, selling from you. For English dried fruit traders, we have the option of sending products with a private and white label.


Bulk dried apricots for export to Germany

Germany is another country that we correspond with a lot. We have many emails and calls from German businessmen who are willing to cooperate with us. The fact is that the quality of our dried apricots for export, along with the wholesale special price, can promise a win-win business for Germany. Also, our dried apricot powder has attracted the attention of German food industry producers.


Kurdistan dried apricot wholesale

Iraqi Kurdistan is a special market for dried fruit and luxury products. We have a very good experience with Kurdish traders. The honesty and accuracy of the Kurdistan people have made us supply a large part of the Kurdistan market’s dried fruit needs. Our dried apricots are a sweet deal for the Kurdistan market, so call us today.

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