How to prepare dried fruit at home, storage method and benefits

Dried fruit has a very delicious and pleasant taste. These fruits are also very rich in nutrients, so they are used for better functioning of the body. In each season, only certain fruits are harvested. Delicious fruits usually have very little variety in the cold seasons, which is why humans have always thought of a way to preserve delicious fruits. Drying the fruit is a great way to diversify the fruit in meals. By using this method, you can preserve the taste and nutrients of the fruit to a great extent and enjoy consuming it in different seasons.

How to dry fruit at home

To dry the fruit at home, you must first select the best fresh fruits. Contrary to popular belief that poor quality fruits should be dried, you should know that you should use the most ripe and healthy fruits to get the best results. A very important point for producing dried fruit at home is that the most ripe fruit should be selected. If you use unripe or semi-ripe fruit, because the starch has not yet turned into sugar, the taste will be very low after drying and the texture of the dried fruit will not have the necessary softness. First you have to wash the fruits well and after peeling and separating the kernels, cut them to the desired thickness. The thicker the slices, the greater the fleshy texture of the dried fruit. At Armani Food Company, we always make sure that the size of the fruit slices is such that even an old man can eat it easily. For example, the appropriate thickness for dried apples and prunes is between 6 and 8 mm. Some fruits turn brown as soon as they are peeled and sliced. You can add a little lemon juice to prevent them from oxidizing. At Armani Food Company, we use metabisulfide and other color stabilizing materials in the permitted dose to prevent discoloration. One of the easiest ways to bulk dry fruits is to place it in the sun, which requires a little patience, this method usually takes a few days for all the fruits to dry under direct sunlight. If you want to produce dried fruit at home in the winter, heaters and radiators are also available. In summer and other seasons you can also use the oven or home dryer. My advice to you is that if you are planning to buy a home dryer, my advice to you is that if you are going to buy a home dryer, make sure that your appliance works with city gas in addition to electricity. Because the power consumption of home dryers is very high. One of the creativities you can do while working is to add homemade additives to these delicious slices. For example, after slicing an apple, add a little butter, a little cinnamon and sugar, and then put them in the dryer, Or you can even put apple slices boiled beet juice and dry them after absorbing the dye, And after 8 hours you will have a very tasty dried apple with boiled beet taste.



Drying the fruit with a dryer

Today, special and widely used devices are designed to dry the fruit and with the help of them, you can dry all kinds of fruits in the best possible way. Cut different fruits into small pieces and arrange them regularly in this device. It usually takes 24 hours for the various fruits in the device to dry well.  People who like dried fruit and consume a lot of it daily as a snack, can prepare this device.

Buying dried fruit

You can prepare dried fruits from the market either ready-made or you can prepare dried fruits at home with the help of simple methods. But our strong recommendation is to buy dried fruit from reputable dried fruit wholesale supplier, because the cost of producing this product at home is much higher than its selling price in the market. The reason is that the cost price of Armani Food products is lower than home products and has a minimum of waste and the most important issue is the production experience of this company. In addition, because we do this on a large scale and industrially, the cost price of the final product is far less than what you want to do at home. A good example of what most people have experienced is pizza. If you want to make pizza at home, it will cost at least twice the cost price of pizza at the nearest fast food restaurant to your home. The most important reason for this is the lower production costs in the industrial dimensions. Today you can buy dried and high quality fruits at a reasonable price, if you can not dry the fruit at home, it is better to buy them, so you can order a variety of dried fruits with great taste in special packages online. Dried bananas, dried coconuts, dried onions, dried stencil and even dried tomatoes can be prepared in different sizes. Iran is a country of four seasons with different climates. That is why many fruits are grown in our beloved country. But we are not content with these fruits, And in the ideal food collection you can also order dried tropical fruits. The most popular are dried pineapple and dried mango.



Preservation of dried fruit

Dried fruit production is a sensitive task and must be done in compliance with all health standards. But this is not the end. If you want to use dried fruits for a longer period of time, you have to preserve them in the best possible way. It is better to put these dried fruits in closed containers or suitable and clean bags, Or keep them in the refrigerator or in a cool, dry place. Durability of dried fruits at home is 2 months, But if you can keep it in the fridge, durability of dried fruit is up to 1 year. One of the signs of fresh fruit is its fresh smell and color stability. For example, dried pears turn dark pink and brown over time, And fresh dried oranges should have a very strong smell and aroma, and if the smell is low, you should doubt that it is fresh.

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