Dried fruits for Christmas Sweets and Candies

Christmas sweets and candies based on dried fruits Winter is full of good news and celebrations that delight everyone. Among international holidays, one of the most popular is Christmas. In this article from Armani Food magazine, we are going to find out how to prepare the most famous types of Christmas sweets, which include our products (dried fruits or dry fruits powder and granules). They can create a profitable business for you and us.

Fruit candies

Fruit candies Candy is an integral part of Christmas celebrations. The delicious sweet treats that use natural products instead of artificial ones are more pleasant for families who want to prepare them especially for their children.



Armani Food fruits powder for B2B business

Armani Food fruit powder is one of the best choices for your products, if you have a candy factory or your confectionery has a medium or large size that prepares fruit candy.and Armani Food fruit powder will be a special choice for you. Guaranteed quality, a great price that you can hardly find in other supplier, as well as the possibility of sending samples all over the world and delivering the product exactly like the sample are all part of our features for dry fruit powder.


Chocolates dry fruits / toffees Fruits

toffees generally use essential oils, but you can make a special innovation with fruit powder if you are also thinking about the health of your customers. Don’t worry about the price because Armani Food has its production in Iran and labor is cheap due to the low value of the Iranian currency compared to the dollar.


Cocoa with dried fruits

first person thinking combination of cocoa and dried fruits. It is definitely a taste genius. Imagine how much dried orange slices or apple granules with cocoa can attract customers to you for Christmas. Especially since the price you get for dry fruit from us will be much lower than the world market. On the other hand, our quality only includes luxury goods.

Cookies with dried fruits

for Christmas Cookies are an integral part of Christmas party snacks. Cookies with granules dried fruit are much more attractive than plain cookies or chemical essence. Contact us to prepare your cookies with quality dried fruit. Of course, the price factor is vital for your business. We guarantee it, don’t worry about it and give health and sweetness to your customers.


Fruit marmalade truffles

In my opinion, fruit truffles with fresh fruit are more delicious than dried fruit, but do you use chemical essential oil for its color and aroma? Use fruit powder at the same price, what do you think? Armani Food has analysed the global markets and guarantees you a win-win deal. Stand out from the competition with us.

Melomakarona Christmas cookies 

Melomakarona dessert is another traditional Christmas dessert with dried fruits, that, in addition to its great taste, also has unique properties. The positive point of this lovely dessert is the use of honey as the main sweetener. So, if you are an athlete, have elderly or diabetics among your loved ones, or want to minimize the consumption of artificial sugar, make this attractive Christmas dessert in your plan.


pitted prune cake Russia

pitted prune cake or sour and sweet prune tart is prepared with prunes without pits. This delicious cake is quick, simple and inexpensive, and it doesn’t take much time to make.


mixed pitted prune with apricots

Qaysi cake (dried apricot) Russia

Qaysi cake (dried apricot) is one of the delicious cakes for the evening, which is also very suitable for a snack and for entertaining guests. The presence of sour cream creates a very pleasant and interesting taste in the cake, and it is considered a good option for those who are looking to try new flavors. There are various recipes for this cake.

Germany, Stollen Christmas Cake

In Germany, various sweets and cakes are prepared for the Christmas celebration, but the most famous of them is without a doubt the Stollen Christmas cake. Stollen is a rich, buttery bread with dried fruits, nuts, and spices. It is usually dusted with powdered sugar or glazed with icing. It is a traditional German delicacy that dates back to the 15th century.


England and Ireland, Christmas pudding with dried fruits

Christmas pudding is one of the most famous Christmas sweets in England and Ireland. You may not believe it, but plum fruit is not used at all in making plum pudding! In fact, in the 17th century when this Christmas cake was invented, raisins and other dried fruits were generally called plums, and that’s why this cake is called plum pudding.


How to make Christmas pudding

Until this section, we had a look at the best special Christmas sweets. Before we finish this article, it is not bad to get acquainted with a delicious and easy Christmas pudding.
In a large bowl, mix the orange juice, dried fruit mixture, raisins, lemon juice and lemon peel and mix well. You can consider your creativity and taste in using dry fruits.Dried fruits of coconut and banana or strawberry and orange are our suggestion, but this is completely up to you.


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