How to Trust Wholesalers of Dried Fruit for Import

How to trust and order bulk dried fruit from wholesalers, how to trust, quality check, payment method and delivery is the topic of this article.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is a delicious product full of properties that is produced by drying fruit. Because the food policy of people all over the world is towards healthy eating. Dried fruits have become a popular snack and ingredient due to their convenience, long shelf life, and nutritional value. and also dry fruit has a long shelf life without additives and it is easier to transport than fresh fruit. Today, its market has become a trend business.

Import of dried fruit from Iranian trustworthy suppliers

Iran is a great country to supply dried fruit. On the one hand, there are four seasons and agriculture is highly prosperous, on the other hand, the price difference between the dollar and the Rial (Iran’s currency) helps traders to buy quality goods at a much lower price than other producing countries.

What dried fruits are mostly exported from Iran?

The wide range of fruit production in Iran will open your hands for ordering. If you buy from Armani Food, we guarantee that the quality of our dried fruit will be far higher than other countries companies.

what dried fruits are of Persian origin and known in the world?

In answer to this question, it can be said that dried figs, dried apricots, white mulberries, pistachios, and barberries, being Iranian, is considered an advantage.


How to trust a dried fruit wholesaler or supplier ?

In the issue of export, especially internet communication, trust to dried fruit wholesaler is an important issue. For trust, it is important to know what reputable companies your supplier has done business with before.

Cooperation consent letter

Getting a queryable cooperation consent letter is one of the best ways to evaluate them. verify the supplier’s experience and reputation by reviewing their history of working with reputable companies.

Visit the factory

Visiting the factory of Iranian dried fruit producers is another great way to determine whether it is an intermediary or a real producer. Schedule visits to the supplier’s production facilities to assess their capabilities and ensure they are genuine producers rather than intermediaries.

Secure payment

Another tip that can increase your confidence is to deposit the amount to companies that guarantee that the load is of the right quality and after your approval, they will deposit the money to the supplier.

Secure Payment Methods

Protect your financial interests by utilizing secure payment methods:

  • Escrow Services

Employ escrow services that hold funds until you are satisfied with the quality of the goods received.

  • Payment Guarantees

Seek payment guarantees from reputable institutions that will reimburse you in case of disputes or non-delivery.

Contract and guarantee the same quality as the sample

Definitely take a sample before buying and if you like it, it will be mentioned in the contract, if the whole load is similar to the sample, it will be approved.

What information is needed when ordering bulk dried fruit?


Tell the seller the certificates you need. Specify any required certifications or licenses for the dried fruits to ensure compliance with import regulations. If you need your product to have special certificates, inform the seller before buying. Of course, if you are the final seller of the product and your country has no problem with importing without a certificate, you can prepare these certificates yourself and multiply your profit. (It should be mentioned that it is from a valid seller and testing on the sample for obtaining permission and guaranteeing the same quality as the whole load with the sample)

Order volume

The volume of your order is the most key part for trading and buying dried fruit from wholesalers. If the volume of your order is high, in addition to the price, you can order the product from the manufacturer. (with desired humidity, desired size, etc.) Of course, this is a special option by Armani Food and maybe less other producers can afford it.

Where is the announced delivery price?

Clarify the desired delivery terms, including Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) and the final delivery destination.
We have a factory door or dealer warehouse price, a ship deck or other shipping method delivery price, your country border delivery price and a factory door delivery price, these are very important. Sometimes it happens that a person’s price inquiry is without a destination, and in this situation, most of the wholesalers will announce the door price of their warehouse.

Additional Considerations

Customization: Explore opportunities for customization, such as requesting specific moisture levels or sorting by size, if needed.

Packaging Options

Discuss packaging options and requirements to ensure the dried fruits are adequately protected during transportation.

Sustainability Practices

Inquire about the supplier’s sustainability practices to align with your company’s environmental and social responsibility goals.


By following these guidelines and carefully evaluating potential suppliers, you can confidently navigate the process of ordering dried fruits in bulk from wholesalers, ensuring a successful and profitable import operation.

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