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The best producer and distributor of wholesale dried fruits in Iran

Dried fruit is a product that has been used from the past to the present, And in the past, when refrigerators and preservatives were not available to store fresh fruit, the fruits were dried, And in other seasons of the year when the fruit did not exist, they used it. Fortunately, this old tradition has survived, And now many centers are producing dried fruit, And Armani Food Industries Company is proud to acquaint you with its successes and its distinction with other distribution authorities of these products, as one of the best wholesale distribution centers for dried fruits. There are currently 13 types of dried fruits in the dried fruit basket offered by Armani Food Company, which is a very high variety among dried fruits, And you can buy oranges, apples, strawberries, peaches, cherries, pineapples, persimmons, etc. in the form of dried fruits in wholesale and in bulk from this collection. Armani Company has also prepared popular packages of dried fruit mix for fastidious people and those who want all the flavors together, which is widely welcomed by customers.

The most important distinction between Armani Food Industries Company and other producers

One of the most important features that has made this company progress, is that the products are up to date and healthy, And now Armani Company has the ability to supply and produce one container of dried fruit per week, which is delivered to domestic and foreign markets. Dried fruit production is produced in two traditional and industrial methods, which due to the high volume of orders, dried fruit production in Armani company is done industrially and with advanced equipment that does not cause the least damage to the nutrients and color of the fruit. All products produced in Armani Food Industries Company are supervised by the Food and Drug Administration and in compliance with all hygienic principles, and all fruits used in the drying process are fully ripe, and in this process, frozen and unripe fruits are not used. Fruits prepared for drying are washed during the process with fully automatic devices and checked by supervisors, And one of the very special measures that is done in this section is the use of special disinfectant gas that makes the fruits free of any contamination and does not damage the structure and texture of the fruit. In order for the first-class and completely hygienic product to reach the dear customers, the fruits are packed in a completely isolated and hygienic environment. The use of preservatives within the allowed limits set by the laws of each country does not adversely affect the product. Armani Food Dried Fruit Wholesale Distribution Company Armani Food Wholesale Distribution Company has also increased the shelf life of the product by using preservatives with the allowed amount. In the process of producing dried fruit, no artificial colors are added to the products, And the use of advanced devices helps us a lot in the color stability of the fruit, Also, the real taste of the fruit is known in its dried sample and no artificial or chemical flavors are used. Fresh and ripe fruits purchased directly from the gardens of Iranian farmers are sorted in several stages, And sorting means sifting the fruits so that the damaged, wounded, worm-eaten fruit and wood and leaves are separated from the fresh and healthy fruits and are not used in the drying process. Sorting devices operate in several stages, the first stage is before the fruit dries, Sorting devices operate in several stages, the first stage is before the fruit is dried, and then after the production of dried fruit, sorting is done, which separates the fruits that are damaged in the drying stages. Other advantages that make Armani Food Industries Company superior are the well-equipped laboratory inside the factory, which is equipped with advanced devices for detecting compounds and its amount in products, which is managed by an experienced team, And you can find out the product calories, carbohydrates, etc. by the label on the product package. The weight of the products is also done in this laboratory by very accurate scales, and if you want to know the exact amount of metals, toxins left, etc., you can benefit from the knowledge of this experienced team in the laboratory.


Extra and special services of the company

At Armani Food Company, you can buy your purchase in partial and total purchase, and in case of total purchase, the requested products will be packaged in different and desired weights. Other special services that Armani Food has provided for its customers include packing products with your company logo and your collection, which is a great advantage in the total purchase. If you are exporting these products in your business, you can leave all your customs affairs to us to export products such as dried fruits to be done in the best possible way. In fact, Armani Food Company will do all the steps of exporting and presenting the product on your behalf, In fact, Armani Food Company will do all the steps of exporting and presenting the product on your behalf, first packing the products in different weights according to your request and then by stamping the logo of your collection on the products and doing customs affairs, they will do all the export steps for you. Another special service provided by the dried fruit wholesale distribution center is laboratory tests that are performed based on your needs and in different samples, for example, if you need the amount of heavy metals in products, Armani Equipped Laboratory will do this for you with an error rate close to zero.

Wholesale dried fruit

The distribution of dried fruits has many advantages for the buyer as well as the seller. It is now possible to buy many products by phone, which is also possible to buy wholesale dried fruit, and Armani Food online store with special benefits will help you in buying. In the wholesale distribution of dried fruits and also online, you can check the types of products and their properties and then decide to buy the types of dried fruits in Armani Food collection in beautiful and suitable gift packages. Dried fruit is the best and healthiest way to entertain guests. These products can be sent all over Iran in high variety and safe and healthy packaging, And you have made your partial and total purchase from the first-class wholesale distribution center of dried fruits, And leave the export of the product with confidence to Armani Food Food Company, And enjoy fast receiving quality products.

The Precautions of Dry Fruits for Diabetics

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