HabRenDel dried fruits and nuts

HabRenDel (هابرندل) brand as a sub-brand of ArmaniFood. Armanifood is a dried fruit and vegetable producer whose main activity is exporting these products to other countries such as Russia. We supply dried fruits and dried vegetables to many factories and large stores inside Iran. However, since the quality of our products is unique, we have many fans inside Iran who want to be sure to use our products in their food basket. Therefore, we registered the HabRenDel brand (هابرندل) as a sub-brand of Armani Food for retail food sales.


Is HabRenDel (هابرندل) the same as Armanifood?

The answer is yes. In fact, as explained, HabRenDel is a grocery brand of Armani Food, which operates as a store and is mostly used for low-volume orders. In terms of quality, there is no difference with the 1st grade export products of dry fruits and dried vegetables of Armani Food.


What products does HabRenDel (هابرندل) have?

Same as Armani Food, HabRenDel (habrandel) dried fruit and HabRenDel dried vegetable products, corporate gift boxes and organizational packs are also sold under the habrandel (هابرندل) brand. Of course, if the volume of orders of organizations exceeds a certain limit or if they are interested in letting their employees know that they have prepared an organizational gift pack of nuts or dried fruits for them from Armani Food for Yalda or Nowruz, we have an option to pack the organizational gifts with the Armani Food brand and logo.


NOWRUZ Nuts and Dried Fruits (هابرندل)

NOWRUZ is a special day for Persian people, especially Iranians. However, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia and other countries, NOWRUZ is also an important and special day. Nuts and dried fruits in the Nowruz celebration food basket are very important. Salty nuts are a common edible for receiving guests.
HabRenDel NOWRUZ Nuts, same as ArmaniFood NOWRUZ Nuts, are sold especially for organizations and companies who want to give gifts to their personnel and employees.

Yalda Nuts and Dried Fruits

Yalda is a special night for Persian people, especially for Iranians. It is the longest night in the year, which is celebrated with sweet nuts and dried fruits. HabRenDel (هابرندل) sells Yalda Nuts and Dried Fruits especially to companies that want to give gifts to their employees.

HabRenDel (هابرندل) dried fruits

Dried fruits of Armanifood are also very popular for Iranian families. For easy ordering of our dried fruit retail, you can buy at HabRenDel (habrandel).


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