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Poor or high quality dried fruit, how to tell the difference?

Fruits are always known as one of the most popular foods. In the past, due to this popularity, bulk dried fruits were also produced, in other words, people used different methods to be able to benefit from their favorite fruits in a different period of their production time. Methods such as pickling, salting and drying were among the methods of preserving fruits and preventing them from spoiling. This method of keeping has reached us from our ancestors, and it is currently considered as one of the best ways to consume fruit and has many fans.


If you are a lover of dried fruits, you should distinguish high-quality fruits from low-quality ones and buy top bulk dried fruits so that the right nutrients are absorbed by your body. This article from Armani Food provides you with all the information in this field, so stay with us until the end of the article.

Bulk dried fruits | Armani Food Company
Bulk dried fruits | Armani Food Company

What are dried fruits?

Before we talk about the quality of dried fruits, it is better to familiarize yourself with the concept of dried fruits. Fruits that lose some of their water in a natural or artificial process and only dry tissue remains are called dried fruits. The size of these fruits is smaller than fresh fruits and their amount of calories and sugar is also higher for same weight. This type of fruit has a lot of fiber, minerals and vitamins that are good for the body and cure many problems.

Detection of low quality dried fruits

Fruit drying has principles and rules that the more accurate and better it is made, the more suitable product will be made. Some companies, without following these principles, use low-quality fruits for drying in order to make more profit, which leads to low product quality.

Also, some people do not dry the fruits with the correct methods or use substances in the drying process so that the fruit dries faster. Fruits that are dried with chemicals, of course, are not organic and are low quality dried fruits.

The method of packaging and distribution is another factor that determines the quality of the product. If the wrong methods are used for product packaging, it is possible to damage the product and reduce the quality of the product. Also, in some cases, dried fruits are sold in bulk without considering the way of packaging, in this case there is a possibility of insects and dust coming into contact with the product and significantly reducing the quality of the product.

What are the effective factors in determining the quality of top dried fruits?

Now that you are familiar with low-quality dried fruit, it is time to know its opposite, which is high-quality dried fruit. There are many factors that indicate the quality of dried fruits, some of which are mentioned below.

Drying method and moisture level of the product

Dried fruits are used in two forms, semi-dried and completely dried. Usually, semi-dried fruits look better because they have a little moisture. But their shelf life is less and they cannot be stored for a long time. Although dried fruits have a long shelf life due to the lack of moisture and are considered high quality products.

Fruit type

The type of main fruit affects the final quality of the product. Some types of fruits have a lot of water compared to their texture, while other types of fruits have a heavier texture than the amount of water inside the fruit, or in other words, they are fleshy (such as bananas). The best dried fruits are made from fleshy fruits that are rich in nutrients. Also, if worm-eaten fruits, pitted fruits, very ripe fruits, etc. are used for drying, the final result will not be favorable, so the health of the fresh fruit affects the quality of the final product.

Drying method of product

Organic dried fruits that have been dried naturally and under direct sunlight have many nutrients and higher quality. Although fruits produced by industrial methods have few nutrients, they are often more beautiful. Therefore, many people consider the type of drying and its nutrients regardless of the appearance of the fruit.

Health approval and permit

To ensure the quality of the manufactured product, you can consider things like the presence of approval from the Ministry of Health. With health certificates, you can be sure of the type of drying, the quality of the primary fruit, the health of the work environment and finally the health of the product.

In addition to the factors affecting the quality of dried fruit, factors such as the presence or absence of skin during drying, the cleanliness of the environment and equipment during drying, etc. can be considered as important and necessary factors in the quality of the product.

In this article, you got information from Armani Food about the quality and poor quality of dried fruit and wholesale and industrial dried fruit. Now you can easily distinguish and buy quality dried fruit from poor quality. For more information and to buy and order dried fruit in bulk, contact Armani Food.

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