Granulated Dried Strawberry

Strawberry granulated are made in bulk from oven-dried strawberries, without additives or impurities. Armani Food is a producer and exporter of high-quality dried strawberry granules without additives. It is possible to change the moisture content, grinding size, and meshing according to your needs. Suitable for various uses in the food industry such as granola, ice cream, chocolate, herbal tea and …

Prices vary greatly depending on the order quantity.


Dried strawberry granulated are produced in bulk with the possibility of changing the moisture content, grinding size, and meshing from production to consumption, especially for B2B sales by Armani Food.

Strawberry granulated Producer

Our strawberry granulated are made without additives and from the best fresh strawberries. Since Armani Food is a producer of strawberry granules, it is possible to customize the product according to your application. To prepare strawberry granulated, the strawberries are first washed, sliced, and dried mechanically. Then it is crushed into granules and packaged.

Moisture content

Moisture content is an important factor in the use of strawberry granules in products. The amount of moisture is related to softness or crispness and also non-stickiness. We at Armani Food have a standard moisture content that we have reached over the years of experience for various uses, but we have no limitations on changing the moisture content according to your needs in an acceptable order volume.

Size and meshing

Grinding sizes from slices to herbal tea, granulated and powders can be produced at Armani Food. It is also possible to combine granules and strawberry powder in a specific percentage. We recommend contacting us and getting advice in this regard based on your usage.

Granulated Dry Strawberry Wholesale

Wholesale dried strawberry granule price

The price of bulk strawberry granulated can vary greatly depending on the order volume, desired size and other parameters. To get an accurate quote for the daily price of dried strawberry granules and purchase advice, please contact us through our communication channels.


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Wholesale strawberry granulated sales

Wholesale sales of strawberry granulated by Armani Food, a producer and exporter of dried fruits in slice, granule and powder, has many special advantages. In addition to the health apple, we can provide an official invoice. It is also possible to send samples and guarantee the quality similar to the sample and return in case of dissatisfaction.

Export of strawberry granulated

Most of Armani Food’s products are exported to other countries. But in terms of domestic sales, we cooperate with reputable Iranian food companies on a B2B basis. Armani Food’s export grade is another reason for its superior quality.

Export Strawberry Granulated to Russia

our Dried Strawberry Granolated has been exported to Russia for a chocolate factory and several granola bar sellers. We are still interested in developing the business of this product in the Russian market.

Uses of Dried strawberry granules

Strawberry granulated are used in products such as granola, ice cream, chocolate, decoration, etc., as well as for various herbal teas, tea bags, etc. We have a history of cooperation with very reputable brands.

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Difference between strawberry granulated and herbal tea strawberry

The main difference between strawberry granule and herbal tea is their size. On the other hand, in herbal tea strawberry, there are strawberry wastes (head and tail). But granulated are pure strawberry fruit. This increases the quality and of course the price. We recommend that you contact our experts before ordering to have the best guide for a suitable purchase.