Dried Banana

Dried bananas are very tasty and wonderful because the ever-present tastes of fresh bananas are concentrated in the dried bananas and increased. Dried bananas are a true extract of minerals. Being rich in potassium is actually a great chance for athletes. And its abundant fiber is very useful for the intestine work.



Dried Banana history

Bananas are one of the first plants that existed in the world and have been cultivated for thousands of years. There are several types of bananas, but the one that is commonly known is the banana that comes from Asia. It is sometimes thought that bananas were brought to Europe after the discovery of America. However, this time it was different. The Spaniards and Portuguese carried this fruit to the New World, due to the warm and humid climate prospered in some countries of the American continent like Brazil and Mexico.

Bananas are a very popular fruit worldwide; a century ago it was a luxury to be able to eat it. Today, it is a very common product and we can find it practically anywhere. Vitamins vary depending on the type of banana consumed but usually have a high content of sugar, vitamin C, carotene and riboflavin. Fresh bananas usually have 27 grams of carbohydrate, deliver, 22% of vitamin B-6 and 17% of vitamin C and 12% of dietary fiber and potassium and folic acid.

Drying Banana

Dried bananas are another way to consume this delicious food. A fresh banana contains about 75% water. This means that the banana will have that size reduction. When water is removed, dried bananas become a concentrated food of nutrients, and they contain less vitamin C (about 20%) as this vitamin decreases with heat but is not completely lost.

As we have already mentioned, because nutrients, vitamins, fructose and calories are concentrated in dehydrated fruits, their consumption should be moderated in order to avoid gaining weight. Being portions smaller than a fresh fruit our subconscious can make us believe that we can eat a little more because the pieces are small.

No added sugar

It is very important to highlight that there are several types of dried fruit. By doing an internet research we find that many people find that dried fruit is unhealthy because it has added sugar (causing more calories). However, we want to emphasize that not all dried fruit contains sugar. While it is true that there are brands that put higher amounts of sugar to make it sweeter or add preservatives. Some others contain oil or other flavorings; not all brands do that and a clear example is Armanifood.

Our company is recognized for offering 100% natural products, so we do not add sugar, preservatives or any other additives to our products. With our products you can be sure that in every bite you will have all the benefits of the fruit. It is important that when you go to the supermarket you must check the nutritional content to verify that there are no additives and that they are really natural products that provide health benefits.


  • It is one of the most nutritious fruits.
  • The banana contains fiber that allows you to relieve stomach problems such as constipation, diarrhea, and prevents stomach ulcers.
  • Dried banana also helps to lower cholesterol levels because of de fiber that it contains.
  • It is ideal for people who perform physical activities because potassium avoids cramps; in addition they provide the energy needed to continue with your training.
  • In addition, it serves in treatments for eating disorders since the portions are small, however they can contribute nutrients to the body without the person considers that they ate too much.

Dehydration (drying) of fruits is not something new. This practice arose hundreds of years ago to be able to preserve the perishables longer. For this reason, people started to perform dehydration since the products can last up to a year providing the same nutrients and makes people feel satisfied because of the fiber content.

Why Dried Banana?

Fruits last little time, so dried fruits is an excellent way to take advantage of them so they can last longer, and can be transported anywhere and do not need refrigeration. Sometimes when you see the dehydrated fruit products you can think that they are not natural, because of the processes they pass through (or as we had already mentioned the certainty that they add sugar, oil and flavorings). However, this is not true and here we want to explain the process of dehydration that we use for each of our products in Armanifood.

It all started with the dream of wanting to create something that was good for society. After thinking for some time this idea, the founders of Armani came to the conclusion that the best way to help the world would be through good nutrition. We started with the search of agriculturists committed to the quality of their products. We work with agricultural communities that care about the environment and the quality of their products. So after choosing them, we have a close relationship to ensure quality in each fruit. We select the highest quality fruit from the best Mexican fields, and then take them to the drying process.

Natural dried bananas with no added sugar or preservatives. They taste just right and are not overly sweet…perfect for a snack when you are looking for an energy boost.  The chewy texture is terrific, and the banana flavor is just perfect. Enjoy dried, organic Asian bananas as nature intended—no dyes, or artificial flavors. Dried bananas offer calcium, iron and vitamin C in every sweet bite.

Dried Banana benefits

Snacking during the day can be a great way to stave off hunger (and potentially avoid overeating during meals). But certain snacks in the vending machine are decidedly less than healthy.

Calories and Carbs for Energy

Dried Banana are moderately high in calories. A 1.5-ounce serving has 218 calories, or roughly 10 percent of your daily calorie allowance if you follow a standard 2,000-calorie diet. Most of the calories come from carbohydrates and fat – 25 and 14 grams, respectively. Both of these nutrients serve as concentrated sources of energy. That means Dried Banana can keep your body fueled up between meals, but it also means that eating large portions of dried banana can trigger weight gain.

A Good Source of Magnesium

Snacking on Dried banana means you’ll get some nutritional value for your calorie investment. The chips are a good source of some essential vitamins, especially magnesium. Your body needs magnesium for energy production, cell-to-cell communication and DNA synthesis, an important part of cell growth. It also works together with other minerals – like calcium and phosphorus – to make up bone and tooth tissue, which means eating foods high in magnesium may help keep your skeleton strong. A serving of dried banana will net you 32 milligrams of magnesium. That’s between 8 and 10 percent of your daily magnesium needs, depending on your sex.

A Potassium Powerhouse?

Part of the reason bananas have a good health reputation, is their potassium content. Dried banana offer some potassium as well, though it might be less than you expect. Each serving supplies 225 milligrams of potassium, or about 5 percent of the potassium you need in a day. This potassium offers some health benefits, including support for your nerves and muscles and blood pressure-lowering properties. But you’re better off eating a fresh banana to get your potassium with fewer calories.