Dried Banana

Organic dried bananas have all the benefits of fresh fruit but have a sweeter taste. Dried bananas of Armani Food Company are prepared from high quality products. Fresh fruit, the dryer with the latest technology in the world and the process of working on the taste causes the color and quality improvement of the dried bananas produced by Armani Food Industries Company.


Until a few decades ago, bananas were considered a luxury fruit and were usually served at large gatherings and parties. These days, all kinds of bananas are available at a reasonable price. There are differences in appearance, color, taste and even cohesion in bananas. Dried banana products can be made from different types of bananas. This affects the selling price of dried bananas.

Bananas have an elongated and curved shape. Larger cultivars have a more pleasant taste than short and fat varieties. The fruit of the banana tree softens when ripe, but green and unripe bananas are always a better choice for export. By the time the banana reaches the consumer, it is completely yellow and ripe. Red, purple and brown bananas are also grown, but mainly yellow bananas are sold in domestic markets.

Factors influencing the pricing of dried bananas

Product quality is one of the most important factors in determining the price of dried bananas. Ecuador dried bananas have a better color and taste and are sold at a higher price than Indian and Pakistani bananas.

The quality of the dryers and the type of packaging in the white 5-layer cartons also have a direct impact on the price of dried bananas. For information on the price of dried fruits, you can refer to the article entitled “Prices of dried fruits” or contact us.



How to prepare dried banana products

Dried bananas are made from high quality products. Fresh fruit, dryer and work process affect the taste, color and quality improvement of dried bananas. When the best fresh bananas are selected and dried according to the standard, no stains or dullness can be seen on the product.

Manufacturing companies first cut bananas into coins or lengthwise. This is done by the device, Because it is necessary for all parts to be sliced ​​clearly and thinly. Organic dried bananas have all the benefits of fresh fruit but have a sweeter taste.

Preservatives can be used to store dried bananas at room temperature and environmental conditions. In this way, the storage time of dried bananas will be longer. Organic and non-organic varieties of dried bananas are currently being produced.

Adding some ingredients such as sweeteners or spices to the banana drying process affects its taste. If you have diabetes or a specific disease, use organic dried bananas. This product has no additives, preservatives or flavors.


In what areas are bananas grown?

Due to the nutritional properties of bananas and dried banana products, many countries are involved in the cultivation and processing of bananas. The largest producers of bananas in the world are South Africa, Guatemala, Colombia, Tanzania, China, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Uganda, India, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines.

Ecuador, Colombia, the Philippines and Costa Rica are also among the largest exporters of bananas in the world and have a high ranking.

Major fresh banana products are imported from Ecuador, India and Pakistan. Ecuadorian bananas are more expensive, And in terms of color and taste, they have a higher quality.

These bananas do not lose their quality even after the drying process. Bananas imported from India and Pakistan are less sweet and smaller. Dried banana products are also produced domestically, and producers have been able to meet domestic needs. Ecuadorian bananas are more suitable for drying due to their sweet taste and yellow and natural color. Dried banana products are now produced with both types of bananas.

The banana tree is not native to Iran, but some banana items can be found in southern Iranian cities. In recent years, banana cultivation and production projects in Sistan and Baluchestan, Kerman and the southern provinces of Iran have been considered and now domestic bananas are also found in the market. The cultivation of banana greenhouses in some cities of the northern provinces of Iran has been done experimentally, which is not economical due to the high cost of implementation.

Benefits of dried bananas

Banana chips or banana slices are two different products made from ripe banana fruit. The taste of dried bananas depends on the type of fresh fruit. Sweet and fragrant bananas, for example, have a more palatable taste after the drying process. There is no need to soak and moisten dry bananas when consuming, and chips or slices are consumed dry.

Here are some benefits of dried bananas:

  • Bananas are high in natural fiber and promote better digestion
  • Banana vitamin C is effective in increasing the function of the immune system
  • Bananas are high in potassium and help improve heart function
  • Spotted bananas are great for the kidneys
  • Due to its folate and iron content, dried bananas are recommended for the treatment of anemia
  • Bananas contain antioxidants and have a great effect on strengthening physical strength.


How to prepare dried bananas at home

Dried bananas are one of the best snacks and prevent the feeling of weakness and constant hunger. You can eat bananas alone without adding other ingredients, but a small bowl of dried fruits such as dried kiwi and dried bananas will definitely reduce the urge to eat junk food. Prepare dried bananas at home with this simple method:

  • Cut bananas, the thinner and smaller the slices, the better it dries.
  • Soak bananas in lemon juice
  • Place the slices on a metal tray with a space between them
  • Place the baking tray under a metal tray so that excess water does not contaminate the oven during cooking.
  • Place the bananas in a preheated oven
  • After two hours, place the other side of the banana
  • It takes a while but the result is great.