Export of Iranian Dried Fruits to Russia

Dried fruits are a highly sought-after commodity in Russia, with a growing demand for both domestic and imported products. Turkey and Iran are among the major suppliers of dried fruits to Russia, while other countries such as Kazakhstan and Armenia also contribute to the market. This guide delves into the intricacies of exporting dried fruits to Russia, providing valuable insights for businesses seeking to tap into this lucrative market.

The export of dried fruits to Russia presents a compelling opportunity for Iranian exporters, driven by the country’s vast population and growing inclination towards high-quality products. However, navigating this market effectively necessitates a thorough understanding of its unique challenges and considerations.


Iranian dried fruits export to Russia

Iran: A Prominent Dried Fruit Exporter to Russia، Iran stands out as a key producer of dried fruits, and its proximity and positive relations with Russia have positioned it as a preferred supplier. Among the Iranian companies actively involved in dried fruit exports to Russia is Armani Food, a leading manufacturer renowned for its extensive product range and commitment to quality.

Advantages of Exporting Dried Fruits to Russia:

Large Population and Dried Fruit Consumption: With over 144 million inhabitants, Russia stands as one of the world’s largest dried fruit markets. Russian consumers are increasingly seeking healthy and wholesome products, positioning dried fruits as a favored snack choice due to their nutritional value and delectable taste.

Iran’s Diverse Climate

Iran’s varied climatic conditions enable the cultivation of a wide range of high-quality fruits. This positions Iran as an ideal supplier of dried fruits to Russia.

Close Political Relations

The strong political ties between Iran and Russia foster an environment conducive to trade collaborations and streamlined export processes.

Dried Apricots: A Russian Favorite

The export of dried apricots to Russia holds a unique significance due to their immense popularity among Russian consumers. Turkey dominates a significant portion of the Russian dried apricot market, renowned for its exceptional quality. However, Iranian dried apricots are equally competitive, particularly in terms of pricing. Armani Food, a major exporter of dried apricots to Russia, offers a cost-effective alternative for Russian traders.

Dried Apricots (Qaisi)







Pitted Prune : Californian Prune Find a Niche in Russia

Pitted Californian prunes are another popular choice in Russia, a market not readily served by domestic Iranian production. Armani Food has taken the initiative to cultivate and dry Californian prunes specifically for export to Russia. This unique product has gained recognition in Iran as “Armani Plums.”

pitted prune (Armani prune or California prune)
Pitted Prune (Armani prune)

Dried Figs: A Diverse Product Category

Dried figs encompass a variety of products, including fig nuts, wet figs, and Persian or Afghan figs, each catering to distinct preferences in the Russian market.

Dry Figs Nuts

Dry fig nuts are further categorized into different grades based on factors such as the openness of the mouth, closure, and size.

Dried figs Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters
Dried Figs

wet Figs

Despite being classified as dried fruits, wet figs retain a soft texture and moisture content. Proper storage, preferably in a refrigerator, is crucial to ensure their shelf life.

Wet Figs

Exporting Dried Fruits to Moscow: A Seamless Experience

Armani Food distinguishes itself by offering seamless delivery of dried fruits directly to customers’ factories or warehouses in Moscow. Their efficient delivery system ensures prompt and secure transportation of dried fruits to the heart of Russia.

Export of dried fruits granulated to Russia

Dried Fruit Granules: Expanding Applications, Dried fruit granules are produced by drying and grinding dried fruits using specialized machinery. Their primary application lies in the food manufacturing industry. Armani Food boasts a proven track record of collaboration with chocolate, ice cream, and tea manufacturers, supplying them with high-quality dried fruit granules. Notably, a renowned Russian chocolate producer sources a portion of its dried fruits from Armani Food.

Export of dried vegetables to Russia

Dried Vegetables: Adding Flavor to Russian Cuisine, Dried vegetables, including garlic, onion, and tomato, are widely used in culinary preparations worldwide, and Russia is no exception. Armani Food has successfully introduced its dried garlic to the Russian market, gradually gaining recognition amidst Chinese dominance. While Chinese dried garlic holds a larger market share, Armani Food’s Iranian dried garlic stands out for its superior flavor and aroma. The company sources its garlic from Hamadan, a prominent garlic-producing region in Iran.


the key export regulations and standards for Persian dried fruits to Russia

Navigating the intricate legal aspects of dried fruit trade can expedite the export process for this lucrative commodity. The production, packaging, and marketing stages of dried fruits are subject to various regulations and standards, ensuring that the final product can be swiftly introduced to international markets without any hindrances. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the key export regulations and standards for dried fruits to Russia:

Country of Origin Labeling:

Clearly indicate the full name of the country of origin on the packaging to obtain export authorization.

General Standards Mark

Apply the general standards mark to the product.

Specify Permissible Contaminant Levels

Clearly indicate the permissible levels of contaminants on the packaging.

Obtain Food Safety and Public Health Certificates

Secure the necessary certificates to demonstrate compliance with food safety and public health regulations.

Label Moisture Content, Size, Quality Grade, and Preservative Levels

Clearly indicate the maximum moisture content, size, quality grade, and amount of preservatives on the packaging.

Specify Product Characteristics

Provide detailed information about the product, including whether the dried fruit is naturally dried, seeded, or unseeded.

Label Production Year and Expiration Date

Clearly indicate the production year and expiration date on the product packaging.

Adhere to Packaging Standards

Ensure that the packaging material complies with the relevant packaging standards.

Packaging Requirements

The packaging of dried fruits must effectively protect product quality, prevent contamination, and safeguard the product’s aroma and flavor.

By adhering to these essential regulations and standards, dried fruit exporters can streamline their operations, expedite market entry, and confidently present their products to Russian consumers.

The best dried fruit manufacturers in Iran

Armani Food: A Pioneer in Dried Fruit Production, Armani Food stands as a leading and largest dried fruit producer in Iran, setting itself apart with its unparalleled product diversity. Their offerings encompass a wide range of dried fruits, including whole, sliced, granulated, and powdered varieties, along with dried vegetables in sliced, granulated, and spice forms. Additionally, they supply a selection of nuts, handpicking the finest quality products from the Iranian market. This comprehensive product portfolio has solidified Armani Food’s position as a top exporter of dried goods to Russia for consecutive years.

Partnering with Armani Food: B2B Collaboration for Mutual Success

Armani Food extends a warm invitation to Russian food companies seeking reliable partners for their dried fruit, dried vegetable, and nut requirements. They encourage potential partners to reach out via their designated communication channels. The company is always eager to receive inquiries, provide guidance, send samples, and fulfill orders promptly.


The export of dried fruits to Russia presents a lucrative opportunity for businesses with a keen understanding of market dynamics and customer preferences. Armani Food, with its established reputation, extensive product range, and commitment to quality, serves as an ideal partner for companies seeking to navigate the Russian dried fruit market successfully. By leveraging Armani


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