Suitable dried fruits for strengthening the body during Corona epidemic

In this article, we talk about the nutritional values of dried fruits in the treatment of Corona and in general the nutritional values of dried fruits and the purchase of bulk dried fruits. It is common among the public and trough internet, and they have always said that dried fruit is considered a very healthy and nutritious snack, and even dried fruit is useful for Corona. This snack will probably be popular and attractive for many people, in fact, the method of preparing dried fruit is that it is done by losing the fruit interstitial water and then drying them in a warm environment. Stay with us at Armani Food until the end of this article. You can refer to Armani Food for the latest bulk dried fruit prices.

Antiviral characteristics of dried fruits and for days of Corona

In general, the amount of vitamin C in fruits is greatly reduced by drying. However, dried fruits are very beneficial for covid-19 and the antioxidants in dried fruits improve blood flow, ease digestion, reduce oxidative damage and reduce the risk of many diseases. To prepare and buy online and in person all kinds of nuts and dried fruits, please refer to Armani Food Company.

Dried fruit consumption and corona treatment

Excessive use of any of dried fruits can be harmful, and some of these fruits are sold as candies or sugar coated and have different types, note that dried fruit is moderately useful for treating corona disease. And it will be harmful if used too much. Some types of sugary and sweet dried fruits are pineapple, mango, banana, apple and cranberry.

Important effects of dried fruits in the treatment of corona

Fruits such as dates, raisins, plums, figs and golden plums are also among the most popular dried fruits. Dried fruits can generally be stored for longer than fruits and have a longer shelf life in the refrigerator. The amount of useful and nutritious substances in dried fruits is almost equal to that of fresh fruits. These brain substances include fiber, vitamins and minerals, which are useful for preventing the complications of corona disease due to their existence.

Dried plums

The fiber and sorbitol in dried plums have made this fruit naturally very popular. Fiber, potassium, beta-carotene or vitamin A and vitamin K are among the useful substances found in plums. Plum consumption prevents cardiovascular diseases and cancer. People who use dried fruits consume less amount of fruit, but they get more vitamins compared to others. Dried fruits contain useful and nutritious plant compounds such as antioxidants that control blood pressure, improve blood sugar function, reduce inflammatory symptoms and blood cholesterol, and create long-term satiety. As a result, dried fruits are not only useful for corona, but also reduce excess weight.


Dates are a useful and nutritious dry fruit, full of benefits such as fiber, potassium, iron and beneficial plant compounds. This fruit has little sugar and its consumption during pregnancy is highly recommended by experts. In general, the percentage of sugar in dry fruits such as raisins is 59%, dates 64-66%, plums 38%, apricots 53% and figs 48%. People with high blood sugar or diabetes should consult their doctor before consuming dried fruit. Excessive use is not recommended for overweight people.

Dried apple

In addition to the mentioned fruits, dried apple is one of the most attractive and effective options to help digest food better, and its consumption is usually recommended for those who want to lose weight. In fact, apples have fewer calories than other fruits and are effective in strengthening neurons. It also has a positive role in reducing blood pressure and consuming this dry fruit is very useful during Corona.

Bulk dried fruits | Armani Food Company
Bulk dried fruits | Armani Food Company

Does dried fruit can help in losing weight?

Calculating the calories and sugar of foods and the adequacy of food groups in a weight loss diet is one of the common challenges. But the completeness of the diet that helps the body’s metabolism is more important. A weight loss diet that includes high-fiber foods will keep your stomach full longer. Dried fruit is important for weight loss because some dried fruits are high-fiber foods that prolong satiety. The amount of fiber in fresh fruits is the same as dried fruits. Some of the benefits of fiber are improving gut health, lowering and controlling cholesterol, and helping regulate blood sugar.

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