A guide for buying cheap bulk dried fruit

Today, all kinds of dried fruits are widely offered to customers in traditional and industrial drying methods and in the market. In this article, we are going to give you information about types of cheap and luxury dry fruits. Also, in the previous articles on the Armani Food blog, we provided you with information about the properties of dried fruit, types of dried fruit, how to store dried fruit and how to prepare dried fruit, so that all kinds of questions in this field of dried fruit can be answered. If you also want to buy dried fruit in small quantities and especially in bulk, or if you want to know the price, follow the rest of the article.

Bulk dried fruits | Armani Food Company

All kinds of cheap bulk dried fruits

In this article, we are going to give you information about cheap bulk dried fruits, so stay with us. Dried fruits are fruits that lose their water during a process and only the tissue without water remains, so the possibility of keeping it longer is much greater. Dry fruits, which are also called fruit chips, are a delicious and nutritious food that people can consume throughout the day as healthy snacks and as an alternative to conventional high-calorie and low-use foods. Dried fruits are known among nutritionists as healthy and beneficial sugar that the body needs.

The use of cheap dried fruits has become very popular among people these days because it is a very useful, healthy and delicious food, and if you want to know about cheap dried fruits or try these great snacks, try Armani Food. To know the latest prices, you can read the article on the price of dried fruit retail and wholesale.

Dried fruit price and what effects on it

At Armani Food, we have a list of cheap bulk dried fruits for you, but keep in mind that the price of dried fruits varies depending on criteria such as: quality, type, freshness, etc. Better and more premium, that dried fruit will be more expensive.

Bulk dried fruits | Armani Food Company

All kinds of bulk dried fruits

As we know, organic and natural products have a special place in today’s market. The reason for the numerous uses of this product is that no chemicals are used in its production. So here is a list of cheap dried fruits that we have put for you in the Armani Food collection. These products are organic and natural and you can buy them. Types of dried fruit are:

bulk cheap whole dried fruit:

bulk cheap sliced dried fruit:

dried vegetables bulk :

Price list of bulk dried vegetables for export

Keep in mind that we can dry all fruits in all seasons and use them in other seasons, so the mentioned fruits are only a part of the types of dried fruits.

Benefits of a number of dried fruits

Dried plums

Almost every glass of plums has 400 calories of energy and is full of vitamins. The most popular properties of dried plums are that people can cure constipation by consuming them regularly, but these are not all the properties of this delicious dried fruit and its other properties include improving bone density and improving the immune system.

Dried peaches

Dried peach, the best type of dried fruit in Iran, despite having only one and a half grams of protein, is one of the most nutritious dried fruits and a glass of it has 380 calories. Many properties, in addition to high fiber and nutritional value, include: optimizing the digestive system, reducing the risk of diabetes and heart diseases, and strengthening the immune system.

Dried pears

You may have heard that the most important feature of dried pears is lowering blood pressure, and this is due to the high potassium content of dried pears, and potassium dilates blood vessels, strengthens bones, and blood flow. Therefore, to reduce blood pressure, pear is considered a natural and very useful medicine.

Dried apricots

Dried apricots are known as one of the best options for improving the digestion process and strengthening the digestive system, because it contains a lot of fiber. Also, people who are trying to lose weight can include dried apricots in their diet.

Dried apple

Dried apple is one of the most popular and best dried fruits in Iran and has unique properties such as helping to lose weight, helping digestion, lowering blood pressure and strengthening the immune system.

Bulk dried fruits | Armani Food Company

cheap bulk dried fruit

Cheap bulk dried fruit from Armani Food does not mean low quality. All our dried fruits are luxury goods, and the low price is due to cheap labor, the difference between dollars and rials (Iranian currency), and the fact that there is no middleman. The best choice for traders who are just entering the dried fruit market or are looking for a higher profit is to import dried fruit and buy from Armani Food. Because in addition to great quality, you always have a better price option.

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